Choose your gifted product from a collection curated especially for Honoré Roll Ambassadors. Receive an ongoing VIP discount to 11 Honoré.


Share a photo of your gifted product on your social channels, tagging @11honore and telling your audience why you love the piece. Style each 11 Honoré piece three different ways and give your followers the gift of great fashion by sharing a unique promo code with them to use on the site.

About the Ambassador Program

Grow your following and get in front of new audiences as we share your content on our channels and promote your posts. Get access to exclusive designer launches and virtual or IRL events.

About the Ambassador Program

Our mission and message of inclusivity is at the center of everything we do at 11 Honoré. From designer collections to our own line of timeless essentials, we strive to dress more women and encourage them to utilize fashion as a tool of empowerment.

Through partnering with the best designers in the industry to extend their collections above a size 12 and listening closely to our customer about what she wants and loves to wear, we have been able to create meaningful change in fashion.

That change has been seen in a first of its kind fashion show at New York Fashion Week and coverage in major publications including Vogue, Time, Harper's Bazaar and the New York Times. We are passionate about our mission and look forward to working with you in continuing this message of inclusive luxury.

The Honoré Roll is the 11 Honoré Ambassador program to engage our community and work together to spread the message of inclusivity and chic style. We are looking for a group of stylish individuals who not only have an eye for fashion but who love to share their style on their social channels. The ideal 11 Honoré Ambassador would have an engaged following with a like-minded audience, be a lover (and wearer) of 11 Honoré clothing and who can create beautiful content.

As a growing company, we're excited to be creating a community of ambassadors who share our passion and who are passionate about the strength of personal style. The program is simple: We send you beautiful, high quality and chic clothing in exchange for posts to your social channels. We understand that the clothing we offer are investment pieces, so illustrating the versatility of the pieces is important to our customers. We kindly ask that for each piece sent, you create three looks, styled to reflect you. Besides sending you timeless pieces to add to your wardrobe, we will be sharing your posts on 11 Honoré’s social channels, emails and website and can promote your posts to help you grow your audiences.

If The Honoré Roll Ambassador program seems like a great fit for you, we invite you to apply.