Zodiac Fashion: Holiday Looks for Every Horoscope

Zodiac Fashion: Holiday Looks for Every Horoscope

by Nicole Phillips

As soon as the air gets colder and the first signs of the holiday season start to appear in storefronts and around town, the inevitable barrage of holiday party invites begin to roll in. Between balancing it all, the thought of frantically going through my closet to find the perfect piece that expresses my stylistic self is just one more thing that gets added to my infinite to-do list.

Is there an art to zodiac fashion? The answer is yes, and luckily for you (and me) we have curated a collection with the stars (and you) in mind. Let the cosmic forces that be, guide you to the chicest looks of the holiday season.


You’re the life of any party and the winter months only mean that your energetic and social energy is a buzz with the holiday cheer. You know how to get into the spirit and you take the holidays by the proverbial horns. Even though you’re born in spring, you live for the hustle and bustle of the season where you connect with your friends and network at functions with your co-workers. Risks? You love them, so when it comes to fashion, go for bold colors and striking silhouettes.


When you’re not dreaming of hiding away in an oversized bed with the most luxurious bedding that looks out onto a snowy, mountainscape, you’re attending a party with your nearest and dearest. The holidays bring up all of the nostalgia that you keep sacred inside, but you’re definitely ready to party! You live for comfy, opulence so when it comes to holiday fashion, you look for pieces that give you the ultimate feeling of hygge — all while being super elevated to cater to your refined palette.


You live in a perpetual state of spring, but as soon as the holidays hit you wrestle with your internal pull of being super social for the holidays and escaping to the nearest, secluded cabin with just your few faves. You have a hard time saying, “no,” to parties with people that you may have just met, so make sure that you take a little time for just you. Your versatile but sometimes indecisive nature means that you need to plan your looks around sudden changes of plans and events that turn into weekend long excursions. Look for dresses that work for your busy schedule and can easily be appropriate for day or night.


The holidays are full of sentiment and nostalgia for you, so in between baking your grandmother’s signature holiday cookie, and planning out intimate gatherings with friends and family, it’s likely that you’re also looking for a little recharge when the days get a little colder. You tend to look for styles that give you warm and cozy feelings of the holidays and because you also tend to need some downtime to reflect and relax, seek pieces that are soft, comfortable and easy to wear.


You’re a natural born leader and style muse, so it’s likely that as soon as summer is over, you’re curating guest lists for your next big winter soiré that will likely be attended by your favorite interesting friends and people of influence. You can be the life of any party, which is why you attract so many friends, so get ready for a busy season ahead! And because you love to be at the center of all of the action, your zodiac fashion is elevated and eye-catching. No boring hostess looks for you — seek pieces that are fun, unique and striking.


You Virgos have a day planner full of holiday happenings and although you’re busy organizing events and making sure that every piece of the season is planned out perfectly, you enjoy the downtime that comes with family and friends in an intimate gathering. You love to curate beautiful memories and every detail is thought of — even down to what you plan to wear. Look for pieces that are timeless, sophisticated and that you will be happy to wear beyond just the holiday season.


There is almost nothing that you love more than the holiday aesthetics whether that may be decorating your already beautifully designed home, creating the perfect holiday-card to send to your nearest and dearest or hosting a themed holiday party where everything is chic and gleaming. You’re balanced and calm nature means that even when the holidays come fast, you’re happy and enthusiastic for everything it brings— and you look beautiful while celebrating. You tend to gravitate towards romantic and glamorous pieces, so look for one-of-a-kind styles that make you feel beautiful.


Scorpio, you’re so intense and passionate in everything that you do and when the holidays quickly approach, you’re all in. Your event calendar tends to fill up with quiet dinners with friends you’ve had forever or big social events where you’re able to shine and command an audience. Once the holidays start to quiet down, you’re more inclined to find some downtime with family at a mountain resort where you can recharge and unwind. Look for statement pieces that show off your favorite assets but do double duty if you’re escaping the big city.


You tend to get a little cabin-fever when the days get colder and shorter so you’re likely to sneak off for weekends away to visit friends that you haven't seen in years or places you have wanted to check off your bucket list. It’s likely that you’ll be attending more events than planning them and searching out places to get in once the new year begins. Your holiday zodiac fashion should be full of interesting pieces and prints with stories to tell. Seek unique styles that highlight your eclectic personality and evolving style.


It’s not always all work and no play for you, Capricorns but when the holiday season rolls around, you’re still keeping busy planning big holiday parties for all of your groups of friends and family. Between organizing your yearly family portrait session and balancing your workload at the office, you need to find a little time to treat yourself to something luxe — yes, even with your practical nature, you love something special! You have a strong aesthetic and do not veer away from silhouettes that work for you, so this season, look for wardrobe heros that have interesting details and feel new.


You shine when the holidays approach because spending time with those you love and meeting new people that add richness to your life are things you treasure most. You are the ultimate idealist and plan the season around charity galas, gift giving events and big family gatherings that are full of sentiment and warmth. Your lively and fun-loving nature means that you’re ready for it all this season so look for pieces that allow you to express your creativity and spirit.


It seems like all year long you’re busy making the people around you happy so when the holidays approach, it’s so important that you take some much needed time for you. Maybe instead of throwing a holiday party this year, you’re attending them and that’s ok to be the attendee! It’s likely that the parties are full of everyone who means the most to you anyways. You may be craving a recharge this season so look for styles that are versatile and ready for intimate gatherings, or weekends away at your favorite hideaway with your loved ones.


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