Your 2019 Fashion Horoscope is Here

Your 2019 Fashion Horoscope is Here

by Nicole Phillips

New Year, New You? Maybe. While the cliche is always prevalent at the start of any new year, we believe that this year is an especially great one to hit the refresh button. And what better time to invest in a few chic pieces that will sartorially kick start goals and resolutions into gear. Start fresh by taking inventory of what’s currently in your closet and purge anything you haven’t worn in over 6 months to make room for pieces that highlight your forward looking state of mind and make you feel absolutely strong to accomplish everything you intend to. We happen to think it’s the most stylish way to enter 2019 and sets the pace for an incredible year to come.

Let your sign be your guide and allow the stars to set your new year style into motion.


As the first sign in the zodiac, a new year means new opportunity and a renewed sense of ambition. You’re ready to take 2019 by the figurative horns and it’s likely that you’ve already planned out your next career move as well as have your picket signs ready for the next Women’s March. Look for bold pieces that make a statement and let the world know that you are ready to lead.


While the world is ringing in the new year, you’re likely to find your fellow Taurus’ in the company of their best friends and closest family, indulging in good food and reminiscing the passing year. The only resolution you’re making is to take a few more vacations, visit your favorite people and to make sure your home is ready to host any upcoming get-togethers. Since you tend to gravitate towards comfortable, yet elevated fashion, make sure to look for pieces that are both soft and stylish.


You’re a social butterfly, Gemini, and your love of change and transformation has you feeling a sense of wanderlust during the new year. With your mind on the year’s planned vacations and your need to communicate who you are as an individual through your style and interesting nuances, be sure to invest in pieces that pair well with your instinctual duality and work well with your work/life balance.


The new year calls for deep reflection and you, sweet and intuitive, Cancer, have a constant need to nurture and care for others. You’re likely already looking at charities you’d like to align yourself with and causes that you’re hoping to advocate for. Look for pieces that will work for social events but allow you to feel safe and comfortable when you’re indulging in some much needed down time.


You’re not afraid of a new year because that just means that you get to reinvent yourself and show off your talents. It’s likely that you’ve spent the past year designing yourself a beautiful life and learning new ways to enjoy it. You’re ready for everything a new year brings and your zest for life means that you should seek pieces that reflect that. Look for bold silhouettes and prints that echo your fearless nature.


With a new year comes new goals, passion projects and deep self-reflection of how you can make the new year better than the last. Your drive and dedication to the people who surround you and to the projects that you have cooking for new year, call for versatile pieces that work with your busy life. Seek pieces that you can wear over and over again but feel new each time.


Nothing makes you happier than looking forward to a new year. While you’re likely to be toasting in 2019 with your closest crew, your mind is working overtime visualizing what’s to come next. You’re an optimist who craves being social and creating new memories and because your social calendar tends to fill up quickly, you’re going to want pieces that are memorable. Look for dresses with whimsical prints and fabrics that are soft and luxurious.


A new year for you means, new opportunity and getting your sights set on higher ground. You’ve already made up your mind that this year is going to be your year so whether it’s a new career, new relationship or new adventure — you’re ready. Look for statement pieces that showcase your magnetic personality and make a lasting impression. Interesting silhouettes and bold prints, show the world that you mean business and you’re here to play.


It’s likely that you’re ringing in the new year while on vacation in some exotic destination with a handful of stimulating people and a lifetime full of memories. You’re ready for the next chapter and you’re plotting your next voyage. Because you live your life with optimism and enthusiasm, seek pieces that can pair well with your exciting and often impromptu life.


New year means new goals and resolutions that you’re focused on. While others may be taking life lightly, you’re structured and determined nature means that you’re ready to conquer what life is bringing you this year. It’s likely that you’re able to reflect on your accomplishments with pride and are eager to jump into this next year with fresh eyes and an open heart. Look for pieces that make sense for your life but feel elevated and sophisticated — just like you.


The new year brings renewed energy into all of your passions and you’ve never been more ready to bring innovation to your life and to inspire those around you. You’re already penciling in your charity events to your day-planner and looking for places to travel to that will fuel the passion in your soul. Seek pieces that will appeal to your communicative nature and work well in your eventful life.


You’ve likely had a very busy year, as your life tends to be full of helping others and getting wrapped up in big projects. A new year for you means, creating a new you. You’re a creative individual who loves to express themselves through fashion so it’s not a surprise that you gravitate towards pieces that feel unique. Look for one of a kind dresses and style that sets you apart from the crowd.


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