World of Style: Tamera Beardsley

World of Style: Tamera Beardsley

by Melissa Magsaysay

Tamera Beardsley may have a popular lifestyle blog where she shares everything from entertaining tips to home decor, but don’t call her an “influencer.” The mom of 3 grown kids and true aesthete prefers a term she feels more befitting of what she does and puts out into the world.

“I prefer 'Encourager,’” says Beardsley. “Life is hard on us all at one time or another and it’s up to us to take the time to find all the beauty and joy we can find in a day.”

World of Style: Tamera Beardsley

Perhaps it’s why she’s filled her home and closets with an array of beautiful items ranging from hats to garden vignettes and jewelry all coordinated by color. For Beardsley, if something is beautiful, it has the maximum potential to bring joy and she doesn’t shy away from utilizing aesthetically pleasing objects to heighten the everyday.

“My home is my sanctuary,” she says. “I have designed it to be an enveloping, calm space. I have a monochromatic color palette of neutrals in most all of my rooms, with an emphasis on combined textures. I use my beloved accessories as part of my decor. Not only do I love seeing them, it makes curating looks easier because I can see exactly what there is to pick from.”

World of Style: Tamera Beardsley

From her home to each outfit and across her blog and social media it’s clear she steers toward the glamorous. The accessories lover has turned several of the bedrooms in her house into closets all divided by color. She crafts statement making headbands from pearls and various jewels and counts cat eye and oversized sunglasses as an absolute must have.

“I have always had a strong interest in not only in what I wear, but also in my personal spaces,” she says. Sartorially speaking, Beardsley sees clothing as the ultimate tool for dramatic expression. “Styling outfits has an artistic component, in that I love to combine different elements for the perfect composition. Clothes and accessories for me are the same as paints that a fine artists uses.”

“Life is too short to wear boring clothes!”
World of Style: Tamera Beardsley

It should come as no surprise that Iris Apfel is her style icon as well as Tziporah Salamon and the women that photographer Ari Cohen captures for this Advanced Style books and blog.

“I have so much appreciation for Ari Cohen's stylish women, that he photographs for his books and online,” says Beardsley, “Ari has done for aging what 11 Honoré is doing for size inclusivity.”

And like so many of Cohen’s stylish subjects, Beardsley’s look comes together effortlessly. “I'm all about how an outfit makes me feel,” she says. “My favorite outfits are always the ones that add energy and confidence to my day. Life is too short to wear boring clothes!”


  • dot
    Thu, Jun 6

    I’ve been following Tamera Beardsley for several years now and consider her blog a must-read. Her style, both personal and decor, are so beautifully curated and her words are thoughtful, and inspiring. Encourager is the perfect word to describe Tamera.

  • dot
    Tue, May 28

    Fabulous article! Fabulous lady!!!

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