World of Style: Kellie Brown's Fashionable LA Life

World of Style: Kellie Brown's Fashionable LA Life

by Nicole Phillips

The Fashion Publicist turned Fashion Influencer on Her Stylish New West Coast Digs

One would never guess that influencer and style muse, Kellie Brown had just recently arrived in Los Angeles after decades in Philadelphia and New York. Brown, an influential force in the plus size fashion world, has immediately taken to sunny LA, expertly decorating her new space in a light and airy palette and gravitating to more color and print in her wardrobe.

Whether you live for her fashion posts on Instagram or stay up to date with her life on her YouTube channel, chances are you have seen Kellie’s infectious smile and have double tapped on her covetable outfits.

We met up with Kellie on a warm, November morning to talk style, influencing, plus size fashion and to get a glimpse into her new life in her classic, Spanish-Style apartment. Kellie greeted us in a colorful caftan and welcomed us into her airy apartment that boasts a generous amount of windows looking out onto the busy enclave where she’s settled. Her powder pink, custom sofa sat in the heart of the living room surrounded by sentimental trinkets, flourishing plants and minimalist artwork on the wall. Each corner of her newly decorated space is effortlessly curated and reflects Kellie’s sartorial style and sunny personality. From the organized stack of fashion mags and books to the pristine, round dining room table with statement white chairs — the warm and inviting vibe is apparent throughout.

Read on to learn more about the woman who has been trailblazing the path for other plus size women in the industry through her own personal social platform at @itsmekellieb, her fashion focused account @andigetdressed where she features, Inspired Inclusive Style and her coined, #fatatfashionweek hashtag which she created to show the industry that bigger people do exist in the Fashion Week landscape.

“Fashion directly intersects with the body positive movement because bodies of all sizes need to get dressed.”

Q & A with Kellie Brown

How did you get into fashion? Has fashion always played a big role in your life?

I kind of fell into the fashion industry a little bit. I started out working in music and events and then moved into technology after school but quickly returned to event production which led me to fashion and fashion publicity. Fashion has always played a big role in my life and I’ve always been interested in expressing myself through personal style. It was hard as a chubby kid because I didn’t feel like I had every option, but it also made me really creative and allowed me to hone in on my scouting and shopping skills.

What's your style aesthetic?

My style is definitely pretty eclectic. I have had moments where I felt really minimal and paired down and now I’m currently existing in this maximal moment. I think it’s fun to play around and explore with what I think is cool at any given moment or how I feel.

Who are some of your fashion muses?

I’m really inspired by women like Tracy Ellis Ross, Tamu McPherson And Solange Knowles, but I’m also really weirdly inspired by movies and decades past. Recently, I saw an old image of Ralph Lauren in a sweater and tennis shorts and it's sort of all I want to wear right now.

How did you get into the influencer world?

I got into the influencer world because as a publicist I noticed more and more that we were reaching out to blogs and new media. I wanted to start a blog about accessories, but then quickly realized that I was much more interested in talking about my outfits in a more complete way. So, I started a blog and started sharing my outfits, my point of view and shopping ideas and it grew from there.

What are some of the biggest changes that you have seen in plus fashion?

Plus fashion continues to grow, but there needs to be a lot more growth. It’s incredible to see so many luxury designers dipping a toe into plus size fashion, but I’d love to see a couple more people dive right in.

What's still lacking in plus fashion?

I always feel like I’m missing really great easy day dresses that aren’t necessarily for work, or a shift dress or body con etc. I’d also love to see more people taking on plus size denim. There are so many gaps in that market.

How does plus fashion intersect with the body positivity movement?

Fashion directly intersects with the body positive movement because bodies of all sizes need to get dressed. Body positivity isn’t just about self-love it’s about access to an opportunity— be that in finding a job, healthcare or the clothes that you put on your body.

Tell us about your move to LA. What have been some of the biggest adjustments?

LA has been amazing. The biggest adjustments are the obvious ones like missing some of my close friends. In terms of my style it’s kind of funny because LA is very relaxed and casual and in New York everyone dresses up just a bit more so figuring out how to not be overdressed all the time was something at the start. I also have to admit that I missed fall. Luckily, I was able to travel and get my fall fix.

How has your style changed since moving to LA?

I find myself reaching for easy pieces that are weather friendly it goes from cold to hot to cold again all in one day so easy light layers work best here.

Describe your perfect LA weekend? And what are you wearing?

My perfect weekend in LA would be brunch with friends, vintage shopping and maybe heading out to Malibu to enjoy the beach. I’m definitely wearing some sort of caftan and my favorite bag.

What are some trends that you're loving for holiday?

I love that combat boots are having a moment and I love playing with the juxtaposition of a hard edge with more feminine silhouettes. I’m also loving color at the moment and using color in unexpected ways.

What's next for Kellie B?

I’ve committed to three videos each week on my YouTube channel so that’s pretty intense. I’m also in the middle of re-launching my site, and I have a new podcast launching early January so look out for that.

Lastly, do you have any fashion "don'ts?"

Don’t let anyone tell you what you can or cannot wear.


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