World of Style: Jacquelyn De Jesu

World of Style: Jacquelyn De Jesu

by Melissa Magsaysay

We’re forever fans of anyone who manages to make our mornings easier, not to mention, glamorous.

Enter Jacquelyn De Jesu, the founder of Shhhowercap, a highly covetable collection of chic, retro inspired and scientifically advanced shower caps that look more like a designer accessory than a water repellent cap. De Jesu, a New York native who now lives in Brooklyn, hatched the genius idea in 2013 and has fueled her company to success straddling beauty, fashion and self care with an invention that unsurprisingly resonates with women from all walks of life.

“Why were we all settling for an experience that made us feel less than?” says De Jesu of her thought process around creating Shhhowercap. “It felt like too big of an opportunity. I knew I could do it better. I needed to do better. So, I started immediately.”

With fun pops of color and cheeky prints and patterns, it’s clear that De Jesu’s own aesthetic is imprinted on her brand and products. Her personal style is steeped in neutral colored staples punctuated with statement pieces including sparkly track pants, bold prints and large earrings. She eschews trends and makes a point to only purchase clothing she can move in.

Her Brooklyn loft is clearly in line with her fashion choices, with the main focus being on a bright gallery wall that the entrepreneur says mimics the introduction of color in her everyday style.

A true creative with a robust background in advertising, she’s no stranger to building a look, business or brand that stands out.

“Original thinkers are few and far between.” says De Jesu. “But, when original thought is applied to business? Those become the brands, lines, names, and products that you’ll know ten years from now. That is the true north goal.”

No doubt De Jesu is an original thinker who understands the impact her invention can have during the most vulnerable parts of our day.

“We’re changing what was once a negative experience into a positive one,” she says of a pre-shower routine. “We’re bringing a little luxury into a category that never had it and that resonates with our customers. The ability to have a real connection in such an intimate moment of her day. It's powerful.”



  • dot
    Tue, Sep 17

    LOVE Shhhowercap! Been an owner since the beginning, and have found that they make fantastic gifts. Wonderful profile.

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