What to Wear Where: with Stylist and TV Personality, Melissa Chataigne

What to Wear Where: with Stylist and TV Personality, Melissa Chataigne

by Melissa Magsaysay

Stylist and TV personality, Melissa Chataigne breathes new life into each part of her profession. As a stylist to female executives across the country, she takes a refreshing approach to identifying each person’s individual style and conquering any sartorial issue first by instilling confidence and then building on from there. And she squelches any notion that everyone on morning TV has to be saccharine sweet in order to be interesting. She doles out informative and democratic style advice each month on Access Hollywood Live, often giving fashion makeovers to people rebounding from life challenges or recent hard times.

Needless to say, Chataigne is busy. Between multiple work meetings, appearing camera ready and leading a full and active social life (IRL and on her Instagram account), she can’t stop for an hour (or even 20 minutes) to think about what to wear that morning.

The former ballerina highlights her figure, plays with bold color and has never met a chic accessory she doesn’t love.

Here she breaks down her own fashion formula for always nailing the right look, both for the occasion and for carrying it out with the ultimate confidence.

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