Vogue Jan 2018 Letter From The Editor

Vogue Jan 2018 Letter From The Editor

by Melissa Magsaysay

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"Ashley Graham is A Role Model To Many." Says Anna Wintour.

The foundation that fashion has been built on includes impossible size standards and a lack of inclusion, but American Vogue, more specifically, its editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour, has been working to break down antiquated thinking by including a more diverse range of models and profile subjects in the magazine.

It's inclusion of Ashley Graham on the March 2017 cover, and for January 2018 in its inside pages, is a testament to the fact that times are changing and diversity is no longer just a term, but becoming the norm, forcing media to be more accurately reflective of the world we live in.

In Wintour's January Letter From The Editor, she specifically calls out Graham for being a role model and leader of the size-inclusive movement, saying, "Ashley has been a terrific role model for showing us that women don't have to conform to some ridiculous standard of thinness to be beautiful or to have a career. Of course, this hasn't always been the case in the past, and Ashley has spoken out about this in direct and straightforward terms."

Graham's consistent appearances in the magazine and Wintour's words in her editor's letter are sure signs that size-inclusive fashion is a first and super important step to eliminating labels in general and recognizing beauty for beauty.

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