Trail Blazer

Trail Blazer

by Nicole Phillips

The Search for a Sartorial Staple Above Size 12

These days, as I have traded in heels for my sandals and gravitate towards pieces that work with a busy mom/work-from-home life, I still make sure that my daily uniform includes easy pieces that I can quickly transform myself from heart-shaped pancake flipper to boss in seconds. This is why my never ending search for the perfect blazer has only intensified over the past 6 months. It’s that piece I know I would consistently reach for like a transformative secret weapon. I could literally throw it over workout clothes and confidently hop onto a Zoom meeting.

But though it’s always been at the top of my wishlist, it’s been essentially impossible to find. Let me rephrase that - this piece is everywhere but finding the one that actually fits and looks chic, not frumpy, has always come up fruitless.

It tends to go like this: I see a blazer online and order it. It arrives and with anticipation I quickly try it on and am let down even quicker. I have thicker arms and it’s a challenge when I order anything with sleeves. Blazers arguably have to be one of the hardest fits due to their structured nature. There have been times where I have had to cut out the sleeve lining because there is little to no stretch.

“I have had to purchase 2-3 sizes larger than my size and then tailor it to my body, but I have never been able to just buy a blazer that just fits and looks great. Until now.”

Sizing aside, let’s talk about style. I don’t understand why blazers over a size 12 need to look so frumpy. As much as I love the look of an oversized, boyfriend blazer, the trend rarely translates well for someone with my body type — and it’s not because of my body type. It’s because whoever is designing the blazer, is not taking any other body type or shapes into consideration (and they’re likely fitting only on a mannequin.) I have generally had to purchase 2-3 sizes larger than my size and then tailor it to my body. I have never been able to just buy a blazer that just fits and looks great. Until now.

When our design team sent me the Nova blazer from The 11 Honoré Collection, I was understandably hesitant and anxious I would have to report back that the blazer did not fit in my size or that the arms were too small. Instead I literally cried from joy! It fit perfectly and felt so incredibly luxe (another thing many of us over a size 12 rarely get to experience). The options for luxe pieces that also fit are few and far between. This blazer is easily the best I have ever put on my body.

“Blazers are an essential to any wardrobe and if you’re investing in one, it’s important to find one that you can wear over and over again.”

Think about moments in your life where you have needed one to complete a look. First interviews, first days on the job, big meetings, important network events. It’s the perfect grab-and-go addition to any outfit. Pair it over a beautiful floral dress, over a pair of jeans with a bodysuit, or with yoga pants and a white tee — it’s the easiest, elevated topper. It completes a look and it never goes out of style and now, after nearly 37 years of searching, I’ve finally found the one.

I believe this blazer fits better than any other I have tried before because it was designed by another plus size woman who has taken her years of design experience and created this to work on a plus body. Along with a seasoned technical fit team, they have made something so essential and so beautiful. Maybe it’s the substantial ponte fabric or the back vent to make room for my backside, or the classic fit with front seams to accentuate my curves versus hiding them in a boxy, shapeless sack, but this blazer fulfills my decades long search for a closet staple that should (and now is) accessible to more women.


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