This is Why the Media's Beauty Standards Don't Matter Anymore

This is Why the Media's Beauty Standards Don't Matter Anymore

by Melissa Magsaysay

Some of Fashion’s Most Influential Voices Share Their Thoughts on Why Traditional Beauty Ideals Need to be Redefined

The movement toward redefining our culture’s perception of beauty has reached a critical mass and a palpable shift is happening in fashion and media.

But regardless of the momentum, society at large still adheres to traditionally rigid ideals of beauty that don’t recognize true diversity and and size inclusivity.

Thankfully, more and more strong voices are speaking out through their personal platforms, in high profile interviews, and on social media to break through the noise of headlines, pierce the standard photo shoot format and rewrite the vocabulary of how we perceive and process what is beautiful.

Here, 5 influential thought leaders in the size inclusive community share inspiring thoughts on how and why the media’s traditional beauty standards are crumbling to make way for a more enlightened view of how we see ourselves, each other and celebrate a break away from the “norm”.

“Our goal is to explode the historically narrow definition of beauty. The most important message I hope to share with the world is one of acceptance and the celebration of individuality. It sounds so simple, but it’s a daily act of defiance to be yourself when so much of what we see on our screens and in our world is about conforming to unachievable beauty standards.”

"I think we as a society need to work on the language of fashion and realize that not everything should revolve around flattering the body or appearing thinner. Fashion can be experimental, fun, exciting! We deserve that too."

“We are not one consumer with one need. We don’t all want to wear a plain “flattering” black dress and be covered up and not seen. We want to be able to wear beautiful, thoughtful pieces that fit well, are well made and enjoy the trends and styles our straight size friends and sisters enjoy.”

“I think that we are here to celebrate your body no matter what size you are, let's celebrate everything you have. We want the best fabrics, and details to get noticed when you walk out your door and we don't compromise that for size. We want our clothes to be comfortable but still stylish, and elegant that can be worn in real life.”

“People come in all different shapes and sizes. And we need to normalize that, right? like, I will never be thin. I will never be 5 feet tall. It's just not what I am. So why am I fighting to become something that's not me. I think people become very fixated on size in our society. And I hope that I'm showing more than just that part of who I am. That I am more than just a fat guy. And so like, through my captions, or what I'm doing in the images, I hope that I'm showing that.”


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