Classic Films to Inspire Your Fall Style

Classic Films to Inspire Your Fall Style

by Melissa Magsaysay

Most of us have been tethered to our TVs on a Netflix overload, often revisiting our favorite movies (for the 10th plus time).

And why not? In times of pandemic or not, films instantly transport us whether to the same year, city, smoky bar or bustling sidewalk as the actors sauntering on screen. From the storyline to a character’s mannerisms, nothing is quite as striking as the sartorial mark movies leave on us. It’s an escape and there is no better time to escape than now.

To kick off Fall and get into the mood of a new season (regardless of the fact that it’s still sweltering outside or that you’re likely not going anywhere at the moment), we’ve listed some of the most fashionable films filled with style that still endures to this day, to inspire your mindset (and closet) for the season.

Annie Hall

The iconic Woody Allen film cemented Diane Keaton’s acting talents and personal style as completely extraordinary. The menswear slant still inspires women today to wear relaxed silhouettes, tailored khaki trousers and relaxed button-down shirts as a classic uniform decade after decade.

Try the Look: A well-fitted blazer and classic white button down never go out of style. Khaki or neutral colored trousers work for all seasons but feel especially rich in the Fall.


The green slip dress worn by Keira Knightley in the 2007 romantic war drama has become synonymous with the film. The deep shade of emerald and backless silhouette of the dress is one of the most striking sartorial moments of all time and the color is sure to inspire this season.

Try the Look: Get the same dramatic green effect with this gorgeous burnout velvet caftan. Or channel the ethereal nature of Knightley’s looks with a simple satin slip dress or a wispy floral number.

Bonnie And Clyde

Not many movie characters are as chic as Faye Dunaway playing Bonnie in the 1967 version of the telling of this true story. From perfectly placed beret to a timeless cable knit sweater and practical yet stylish skirt, there are plenty of fashion takeaways in this film.

Try the Look: Go for a neutral color palette in the mushroom colored Aida top and matching Jada skirt. Mix an ivory sweater and leopard print coat into the fold for not-so-neutral Fall layers.

Love Story

One can hardly wear a tan trench coat and chunky sweater without sending Love Story vibes. As classic an aesthetic as they come, the simple, collegiate look of this film will forever endure.

Try the Look: A tan trench coat is a must for fall (or any season) as the ultimate layering piece that delivers instant style. Put a pair of flare leg jeans into your fall rotation for a cool, 70s silhouette.


Easily one of the most stylish films in history, each look worn by Diana Ross is synonymous with 1970s glamour. Filled with dramatic silhouettes and iconic headwear, the movie inspires chic head-to-toe white looks, billowing gowns and a stunning shade of deep fuchsia.

Try the look: The ALC Claire dress channels, Ross’ one-shouldered purple- fuchsia dress. A 70s inspired white suit just needs a wide brim white hat to complete the look.


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