The Perfect Leather Jacket From Veda

The Perfect Leather Jacket From Veda

by Melissa Magsaysay

Muse model Ali Tate wears leather jackets from Veda showcasing just how effortless and versatile these pieces can be.

VEDA makes the ideal leather jacket - amazing fit, supple leather and no excessive hardware. Here, Muse model Ali Tate Cutler puts her own spin on VEDA, styling it with her favorite 11 Honoré pieces.

Cutler wears leather jackets from Veda showcasing just how effortless and versatile these pieces can be.

Take it from her, a size-inclusive activist who exemplifies how the fashion industry is changing and how prioritizing comfort doesn’t mean sacrificing style.

Here, she describes her start as a model, her off-duty look and the desert island beauty products she can’t live without.

"My Style is comfort paired with cool factor -- a statement piece."
Ali Tate Veda
Muse Model Ali Tate in Veda Leather
Ali Tate Veda
Muse Model Ali Tate in Veda Leather

Q & A With Ali

Describe your personal style.

For me, comfort holds the top priority (I know, not cool). Comfort would be followed swiftly by cool factor, like a statement piece. An example would be a badass pair of flare jeans, some vintage clogs, and a little crop top with an outlandish jacket.

When not working, what is your absolute favorite thing to do?

Nature! Always nature. Throw in a little yoga in nature, and I am one happy girl. I also love to have a cuddle with my man.

How did you get into modeling?

I entered a modeling competition when I was studying abroad in London. I was only supposed to be there one year, and I never came home because I started working as a model. I quit soccer and completely changed my life- I never looked back!

How has the industry changed since you started?

The industry has changed so much since I started. It's so much more inclusive than it used to be, and the scope of jobs available to curvy girls has increased so much. It's a real improvement, but we could always do better. I want curvy girls to book some badass campaigns for top fashion houses in the upcoming year.

Career highlight?

Booking a few Mango campaigns, editorial in ID magazine, shooting with David Sims- twice. It's hard to choose, but those are the first that come to mind.

Biggest challenge you face as a model.

Even six years on, the tiredness from the travel is hard for me to deal with. I am always bouncing from one timezone to another and that has had an effect on my health. I also miss my friends and family because I'm always away!

Your desert island beauty products?

Rose water, organic sunscreen, vitamin C oil, and coconut oil, for simply everything from hair to food.


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