The Nicolette Mason X Veda Capsule Collection Launches Today

The Nicolette Mason X Veda Capsule Collection Launches Today

by Melissa Magsaysay

The Influencer and Designer Teamed up With one of Her Favorite Brands to Create a Collection of Perfect Everyday Pieces

Anyone who follows Nicolette Mason on Instagram understands her love for a great leather jacket. A leather jacket over a colorful midi length dress to be exact.

This contrast between tough and soft sums up Mason’s signature aesthetic and precisely what she has imbued into her capsule collection with Veda for 11 Honore.

Each piece, she says, “Is a beautiful statement piece on their own. But they're also really easy to mix and match.” The focused capsule includes a lilac leather moto style jacket, a green and black midi length wrap dress and a cool color block sweater done in black, purple and a shock of bold pink.

Mason had been a fan of Veda for years, investing in custom leather jackets in unexpected hues and a well-tailored silhouette. Besides being extremely versatile and chic, her collection exemplifies the possibilities for extended sizes and puts more options on the table for women above a size 12.

Q & A With Nicolette

How did you land on a lilac leather jacket? Is that a color you wear regularly?

Lilac is a year-round color which I really love. Veda had amazing purple leathers and red leathers and some metallics as well. I felt like lilac was a very of the moment color and can very easily be incorporated into a wardrobe of jeans and t-shirts too. It’s fun, fresh and very current. In general, I think leather jackets are a year round trend. I'm totally in denial about weather when it changes, because I think I should be able to wear a moto jacket every day.

Dresses are such a signature of yours, what’s your advice on how to style the wrap dress in this collection?

The dress is a really easy to wear silhouette. It’s so seamless for work or weekend cocktails. Wear it styled with a really simple open toe heeled sandal and you're ready to go to a party. I also really love it with a block heel. It’s a little bit of an edgier way to style it.

For women who are above a size 12 or 14 who now have this relatively new world of fashion options available to them, how do suggest you exploring one’s style?

I think it’s really good to identify who your style icons are. Who are the people either in you own world or in the influencer world. I think Instagram is an amazing resource in general because it’s so democratic in that you can find someone who genuinely looks like you and is stylish. Obviously that can be a lot of different kinds of style but I think finding someone who can kind of work as a template is one of the ways that people can start to identify their style and what their wishes are, what they'd like to look like and aspire to look like. From there you can kind of just use the template and start formularizing different outfits and looks.

I think its important too, for people to try different silhouettes and shades. It took a very long time for me to learn that I could wear pants and enjoy it. Pants were a very terrifying and intimidating thing for me for a long time because they never fit right or they were just ugly or uncomfortable. It’s only in the last few years that there are even pants that not only fit me properly but are actually stylish. Through trying various styles and through experimenting with different silhouettes and different outfits and aesthetics, I learned more about my personal style. It’s an evolution. That's part of the fun of fashion, too. It’s experimenting and figuring out what works for you.

Also, have fun with it and experiment and try not to take it so seriously either. I think fashion is only just starting to become fun for women above a size 12 because they've never had the options and the palette and the resources to have fun with it.

What trends are you loving for fall?

I think that what I'm really excited about right now is that there aren't really hard and fast trends. I feel like we are in this time of anything goes and that people are really being empowered to self express through fashion. And do that in a way that's specific to them. Even though there are these very pervasive trends in fashion, there's also a lot of individuality happening. That's really exciting to me. I love that it’s not so homogenous. It’s an exciting time to be in fashion.

It certainly is. Do you feel like the industry has made significant strides in being more size-inclusive? What more can we do to move the conversation forward?

It’s still the beginning of this movement where we are not just offering a diversity of styles but also of different price points and different types of extensions of luxury. It’s all so new and in its infancy and I'm really excited by that. I don't think I ever could have found a luxury leather jacket in a size 16 before. It’s even harder to come by in an 18 or 20. I think it’s just important to acknowledge and recognize that we still have more to do.

It’s really fun that there are more options across the board, but it’s important to recognize that we're still only at the beginning. I am very aware of the fact that this selection is being offered up to a size 20 and I'd love for it to be offered to more people too.

You’ve been such a leader in the body positive conversation. How does that come into play when you’re designing?

I don't think of myself only when I'm designing. And when Gabi (Gabi Gregg, Mason’s co-designer in Premme) and I are creating for Premme, we try to think about so many different body types and different heights and really have an agnostic approach in terms of fit, because we think everything can truly work on everyone. This notion that certain body types should wear certain shapes is something that needs to be thrown out. It has definitely changed the way I dress myself and been a source of empowerment for me because I am wearing styles that I never thought I could wear before.

I think in general one of the most exciting parts about body positivity becoming a more mainstream conversation is that all of us have been subjected to these messages of having to look a certain way and faced with this ideal body type that we’re trying to embody. Or trying to achieve and create the illusion that it exists. One of the best things with body positivity in fashion is realizing that we don't have to do that.

We don't need to create illusions about our body shapes. We can actually just enjoy our bodies the way they are and then have fun with fashion. That is a really, really liberating thing, to be able to remove the pressure of trying to conform ourselves to something that's not unique to who we are.

Nicolette By The Numbers

From a love for leather jackets to her must-have beauty product, get to know more about the things that inspire this influencer.

How old were you when you got your first leather jacket?


How many leather jackets do you own now?


Number of times you've been to your favorite destination in the world?

Does it count if that place is NYC and I lived there for over a decade?!

Number of red lipsticks you own?

DOZENS. A red for every occasion.

Number of times you've seen your favorite band (and who is the band)?

Beth Ditto + The Gossip! Probably 15 times over a decade.

Number of times you’ve seen your favorite movie?

Hundreds! Clueless, obviously.


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