The Fall Mood Board

The Fall Mood Board

by Melissa Magsaysay

We get it. It doesn’t really feel like fall at all. With the continuing pandemic and Zoom meetings still dominating the new 9 to 5, every season feels awash right now. But if there’s one thing the impervious Pumpkin Spice frenzy proves, it’s that fall, above the rest of the seasonal cycle, is very much a state of mind.

We usually arrive there via a stylish movie set in 1970s New York or lighting a chic version of what still smells like pumpkin spice. But above all, it’s a change of scenery and outfit that really makes us feel fall.

We tapped a few stylish women to see how they get into a fall state of mind and set the fall Mood Board with the places and pieces to refer to anytime we need a little mental boost.

Danielle Williams Eke, 11 Honoré Design Director

What to Do

Going to the Apple Orchard definitely gets me in the mood for Fall. My favorite fall snack is apple cider and donuts.

Living in Southern California makes it hard to get the fall feeling, so I love traveling back to the East Coast and getting to witness that true change of the seasons especially the beautiful changing colors of the tree leaves.

What to Wear

Nicole Phillips, 11 Honoré Director of Communications and Social Media

What to Do

As soon as the High Holidays hit, which is mid to late September, I make about half of a dozen of my great-grandmother's Honey Cakes for Rosh Hashanah to pass out to my family. We eat honey because we want this next year to be sweet for us. Needless to say, I am doubling the amount that I am making this year. The cake is made with extra strong, black coffee so the mix of sweet honey and coffee just fills up my house. I instantly feel like it's officially the end of summer once I am mixing up the ingredients.

In Los Angeles, we don’t get much of a fall but I am a sucker for pumpkin everything and in my coffee is my favorite way to enjoy the flavor. Does that make me basic? I don't care. You're pretty much a monster if you don't like pumpkin.

What to Wear

Katie Murphy, 11 Honoré VP of Sales

What to Do

I typically spend my summers at the beach on the east coast. As much as I hate to see summer end, there is something exciting about going back to New York City that first week of September and returning to all of the hustle and bustle. It’s still warm, but the air has changed and you can feel fall in NYC right around the corner. It’s the best.

I love the long summer days and having it not get dark until close to 9pm, but something cozy and relaxing comes over me come September when the sun goes down at 7pm and you’re actually eating dinner in the dark.

What to Wear


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