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Style Star: Your Fall Fashion Horoscope is Here

Style Star: Your Fall Fashion Horoscope is Here

by Nicole Phillips

Fall Fashion is officially in full swing and with New York Fashion Week behind us, we’re freshening up our closets and taking style inspiration from the stars.

Wondering what fashion narrative you should be telling this season? Read on to discover the best trend and piece for your very fashionable self — according to your sign.


A new season energizes your spirit and gets you excited for new challenges and projects. Between work meetings and networking events, you’re also busy scheduling in some much needed down time. Seek out pieces that are as dynamic as you are and can command an audience.

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You seek luxury and comfort wherever you go and even though you were born in spring, you love the cozy nature of fall. Look for pieces that are ready for weekend getaways at all-inclusive mountain resorts but that feel luxe and elevated.

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Even though you thrive in the playful, summer months, you get excited for any sort of change and a change in the season means new events, new social gatherings and a reinvention of your ever changing style. Have fun with pieces that are as lively as you are and can keep up with your versatile style.

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Your imagination runs wild when the days get shorter and it’s likely that you’re planning your next get-a-way where you can recharge and reconnect with your soul. While you love the warmth of the upcoming holidays, you also crave some quiet. Seek pieces that make you feel confident and beautiful.

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Being born at the end of summer means that you are enthusiastic when the season changes because it makes more room on your calendar for the social events that come with the holidays. You love to make a statement, so seek pieces that are as creative as you are and are ready for any last minute meet-ups.

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You love the modest beauty of fall and appreciate the warm and fuzzy feelings that come with it. But true to your practical nature, you’re sometimes less inclined to indulge on trendy pieces that you won’t want to give a second look once the season changes again. Stick to investment pieces that are classic, chic and reliable.

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Charming and romantic you are — you thrive in fall’s splendor. Whether you’re already fully immersed in holiday planning or curating your perfect weekend get-away with your partner, chances are you already have your looks planned out. Seek pieces that are perfect for any social setting and soiree and make you feel like a goddess.

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You live for fall fashion and your passion for self-expression runs deep. When you’re not out there trying to conquer the world or doing your best to break every glass ceiling, you're looking for ways to decompress and reconnect with your spiritual side. Look for pieces that match your magnetic personality, but stay true to your established sense of style.

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While you’re bummed that the summer travel season is over, you’re also very optimistic for the new adventures of fall. Your natural sense of exploration is quenched with the new and beautiful styles that the season brings and whether you’re headed to an indie designer’s debut show or to your best friend’s wedding, look for pieces that evoke the same optimism that you radiate.

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Ambitious and already planning to tackle the busy holiday season ahead, sometimes you forget to take a little time for yourself after you’ve given everything to those around you. Your practical nature means that you’re not likely open to trying fleeting trends, but you still have a love of beautiful and luxurious fashion. Invest in timeless pieces that you will love and treasure for seasons to come.


Original and creative, your style shines through in everything you touch. If you’re not out trying to save the world, you’re planning parties for loved ones and organizing big dinners for charity. You need pieces that feel fresh, unique and special — just like you.

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You are so imaginative and all year round, you’re planning your next big thing. When fall rolls around, you can barely take a breather from your big summer events because it’s likely you’re already in the works for another project. You love changing up your vibe for a new season and since you’re a social butterfly you need pieces that are memorable and sophisticated.

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