Style by Sign: The 11 Honoré Collection Horoscope

Style by Sign: The 11 Honoré Collection Horoscope

by Nicole Phillips

It’s been a strange few months. Is Mercury still in Retrograde? Did Carole Baskin feed her husband to her tigers? Do I have a mask ready for my hour of errands?  

Amidst today’s unique landscape, one of the biggest changes in everyday life is our new daily uniform. I’m sure by now our feet have assumed we’ve officially moved on to our Crocs and Birks and who’s wearing an underwire bra now unless you’re a masochist? (Just me?) But, between balancing working from home, having to be somewhat presentable for virtual meetings and indulging in a little dress-up for safe and distanced socializing, the need for pieces that seamlessly fit into your current wardrobe and lifestyle is more important than ever.

Lucky for you, we’ve taken out the guesswork with The 11 Honoré Collection - a line of laid-back, luxe essentials you can count on to get you through your week and beyond. (Seriously, these pieces are seasonless!)

Still can’t decide on which piece to bring home first? Let the stars be your guide to finding your perfect first purchase.


Bold and ambitious, you see the need for an LBD because even when you’re on a FaceTime date, you know the statement a perfect black dress makes. You know exactly who you are and what you like, and you probably already have this in your cart anyways. And since this dress never goes out of style, it’s perfect for when we’re finally allowed to attend big soirees again.


Hear me out Taurus — I know you’ve been living in the softest caftans and those are cool, but these pants were made for the ultimate lovers of comfort. And seriously, when you’re ready to leave the comfort of your bed, these go perfectly with your apron when making banana bread and feel elevated enough for an actual venture into the city.


Even in the midst of a pandemic your social calendar is full, so an easy soft jacket is the perfect piece to help you jump from virtual happy hours to a quick grocery run in a pinch. Plus, you can change your mind (because you will) and wear it with or without the belt. You live for pieces that are as complex as you are. Plus, this literally goes with everything you already own.


Soft, versatile and easy — this piece was made for you intuitive Cancers. This is the perfect top to wear when you’re re-watching your favorite nostalgic movies or hiding out in a boutique hotel for the weekend for a much needed emotional recharge. Plus, as a water sign you gravitate to anything reminiscent of your natural habitat.


The most vivacious and energetic people need a skirt that turns heads. We promise that even during your errands you’ll have masked women asking you, “Where did you get that skirt?” And isn't that what you Leos live for anyways? Between the elevated sheen and interesting color, all you need to do now is find the perfect shirt to pair it with. PS: The Aida Shirt in Cinder would look great.


You have a look, you have a perfectly curated aesthetic and your perfectionist nature deserves a perfect button down shirt and even though we’re sure you have a closet full of chic button downs — you do not have this expertly tailored stretch linen holy grail shirt. You’re welcome.


Balance and harmony in all areas of your life is really what gets you going, so it makes perfect sense that you add this sweatshirt into your rotation. It’s the perfect balance of comfort and luxe and will look great in your virtual brunch dates with your BFF on the patio that you’ve redecorated twice since being in quarantine.


You’re a passionate and strong individual and you know exactly what you like but let us introduce you to your new favorite pants. Elevated enough for your life outside of home but feels like pajamas for when you’re craving your much needed alone time watching your favorite murder documentaries.


Even though you’re not jet-setting at the moment, you can still feel like you are far and away with those odd virtual backgrounds you keep adding to your Zoom calls (seriously, why?) or while watching your favorite travel shows as you enjoy your snacks. Love this now, love it forever. We promise.


Eureka! We have found it! The perfect dress for a stylish but practical overachiever like yourself. This dress looks great for your new LinkedIn profile pic and on virtual conferences with your kid’s school. It’s also something that will never go out of style and you appreciate investing in pieces that make sense for your life well beyond quarantine.


You’re an original and have always seeked out pieces that were different so this dress is a natural fit for an imaginative air sign like yourself. You see this dress and you’ve already imagined 10 ways to wear it throughout the year. From webinars to safe, intimate gatherings, this is your new go-to.


When you see a white tee, you see a blank canvas. What may seem like an everyday essential to some, you see a white tee as a way to reinvent a whole look to make it your own. Because let’s be honest, when you saw how much your everyday life was changing in the past few months, you also saw it as a way to reinvent yourself. Eternal optimist you are!


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