Holiday Shopping is More Size-Inclusive this Season

Holiday Shopping is More Size-Inclusive this Season

by Melissa Magsaysay


A New Wave Of Size-Inclusive Pop-Ups Is Shaking Up The Holiday Shopping Experience

The Latest Size Inclusive News Worth Reading This Week
Holiday pop-up shops, such as Christian Siriano’s multi-brand boutique The Curated NYC, are shaping the future of retail by bringing size-inclusive offerings from online into the real world.


Netflix’s ‘Dumplin’ Is A Salve For Misfit Teens & Danielle Macdonald Is Its Secret Weapon

The Latest Size Inclusive News Worth Reading This Week
Actress Danielle Macdonald, star of Netflix’s new movie Dumplin’ alongside Jennifer Aniston, talks about the representation of plus-sized teens in films and the empowering message her role sends to girls today.

Refinery 29

Serena Williams’ Clothing Line Just Expanded Its Size Range With ‘Greats’

The Latest Size Inclusive News Worth Reading This Week
Serena Williams extends the range of her clothing line to include sizes 14 to 24, calling the new offerings the Serena Great Collection because “I felt like ‘plus’ isn’t a word I’d use to describe a lot of women…I’m inspired by them. They’re great.” Image via Instagram

The Hollywood Reporter

Ashley Graham On “Pressure” Of Executive Producing ‘American Beauty Star’

The Latest Size Inclusive News Worth Reading This Week
Ahead of her Lifetime beauty competition series, Ashley Graham discusses her new reality show, the next steps needed for more inclusivity in the fashion industry, and the changes she has seen for women since the #MeToo movement began a year ago. Image via Instagram


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    Fri, Feb 15

    I just recently reviewed your fashion runway show on Youtube. I thought it was absolutely beautiful. I was jumping for joy! Finally! Clothes for plus size women who have to deal with big breasts, big bottoms and a little more cushion around the waist. However; the enthusiasm turned sour when I came to the website and saw your prices. I understand each designer put in a lot of man hours to design and then have someone sew with the specific material designed for them. But the average woman who wants to keep that conservative and sophistication can’t afford these prices. I love these clothes and there are several pieces I would buy. I love the dresses, the pantsuits, swimwear…everything is gorgeous. Except the prices. Help the woman whose looking to look fabulous, afford your clothes. And also…would your clothing every be available in Macy’s, Nordstrom’s. Love ….love these pieces.

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