Victor Glemaud

Victor Glemaud

by Melissa Magsaysay

Last November, when designer Victor Glemaud hit the red carpet at the CFDA Fashion Fund awards (where he nabbed a coveted spot as a finalist), his date, Ashley Graham appeared by his side dressed in a gorgeous white knit body-con dress by Glemaud that landed the model on every best-dressed list during the week that followed.

“My clothes are sexy, colorful, cut to the body, vibrant.” Says the New York based designer. “ Statement knits that are cut and constructed so impeccably that people are often surprised to learn the garments are knit because they appear tailored.

Glemaud has recently integrated inclusive sizing into his collection range with no differentiation in style. “People are surprised that it’s all the same collection, but I don’t see a differentiation.” He says.

Here the designer expounds upon his new Curve venture and how it's people’s individual approach to fashion that inspires him to create.

“I naturally approach designing my collection as being for all women, for all people.”

Q & A With Victor

Tell us about your Curve collection. Is it a separate collection or an extension of your line?

Curve is completely integrated - it’s the same styles we show during the presentation, same color ways and also at the same price. It’s not called anything different. It’s the same collection. It’s for all people, all sizes and all ages. It runs XL to triple X and it appears that all sizes are selling in different styles on 11 Honore, so that’s really exciting for what the potential could be.

You’ve had such success since launching in 2006 and become a fashion-insider favorite. What has been the key to that success?

That’s how things work in my career, it’s organic. I’m super thrilled that what came about so naturally is now starting to resonate with people. For me personally, I just see it’s the right time and what I design is the right product and collection for this women. Women are looking for these type of clothes that do celebrate them and that make them stand out not disappear into the crowd, because why should they?

How do you describe your line?

People call them statement sweaters - classics with a twists, I like things that are very visual and really make a statement. From a slash to a stitch or color, with clothes, if you’re going to buy something, it shouldn’t look like anything else that you own. I’m very attune to the fact that people don’t shop the same way anymore - if you’re buying something from a new designer it needs to be different.

The takeaway I hear repeatedly is that people didn’t realize the pieces are a knit - people thought it was tailored. With this collection, I felt like to take away the color and show it in a really graphic way of black and white, allowed people to see it as a knit with all the technique of the stitches and that there is a lot there. There’s always this idea that people only wear knits and sweaters in the winter. The reality is that I treat and see sweaters as jeans. Everyone wears them all year. That was the idea, to show the versatility of knitwear.

That dress that Ashley wore to the CFDA awards is something that we carry, but in black. What to you makes that piece so special?

The black dress on the site right now celebrates the woman. We work with this incredible fit model (for extended sizing) and whether it’s her or customer, you want to see them happy in the clothes.

I think this new, younger generation is confident in who they are and how they dress. In my mind they grew up showing off their body in leggings and athletic wear. No matter the size, they were wearing the same clothing. It begs the question, why do clothes for larger sizes need to have a higher neck or cover everything up? That’s not flattering to any body.


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