Rosa Barney

Rosa Barney

by Melissa Magsaysay

"Self love" is a ubiquitous buzz term these days, but for model and body positive advocate, Rosa Barney it's a passion that she speaks and writes about prolifically on her blog and social channels.

Between her reflective and down to earth demeanor, stunning and statuesque frame and also role as a beauty exec for Trish McEvoy cosmetics, the New York-based Barney is a study in balance.

She works in a glamorous industry that focuses on the external and uses her writing as an anchor amidst the noise that can often infiltrate daily life while working in fashion and beauty.

Along the way, she is also an advocate for the "in between" size range of 10 to 12 of which she falls into. Disregarding pressure to either lose or gain weight to fit into a specific model "category", Barney is vocal about being healthy, happy and comfortable with who you are and proof that when it comes to inner and outer beauty, there are no boundaries to what someone can accomplish.

Here, Barney shares her career journey and experience working in the fashion industry.

Top Photo: Rosa Barney wears the Pleated Slash Dress from Tome


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