Roland Mouret

Roland Mouret

by Melissa Magsaysay

Few designers can change the course of how we see fashion and even further, how we see and celebrate a woman’s body. The latter takes true vision, technical precision and a wildly creative mind and the person who continues to execute on all fronts is London-based designer, Roland Mouret.

Since debuting the globally revered Galaxy dress in 2005, Mouret has gained the reputation for making incredibly precise, beautifully tailored and timelessly chic and feminine collections that are worn by the most stylish women in the world. While his clothes have structure and are beautifully constructed, there is a modern insouciance to the way a blouse drapes or a blazer hangs. He can swing from stark black shift dresses that move easily from the office to dinner or a ray of washed pastels and sequins that evoke a sun soaked holiday.

True to his ethos of honoring a woman’s form, Mouret has long offered extended sizing and aims to design for women of various shapes.

The designer, who just showed his Spring 2020 collection during London Fashion Week, spoke to 11 Honoré about his design philosophy and the importance of giving women the clothing they actually want to wear.

Q & A with Roland

Who to you is the Roland Mouret woman?

My kind of woman is a woman that enjoys being a woman. A woman who has a voice and stands for her values.

What has been a major career highlight thus far?

My major career highlight so far has been designing the Galaxy dress. This dress allowed me to understand the universal female form.

Where do you get most of your creative inspiration?

I get my inspiration from watching women. Watching women in their daily life while constantly trying to understand what they miss and what would make them happy.

Do you feel the fashion world is more size inclusive now than when you began designing?

I believe fashion now is increasing inclusivity in sizing and to me this increase is much needed. As the son of a butcher I have no problem with the three masses; bone, muscle and fat. There is a need for the three of them to make the body strong and human at the same time.

You've always created timeless and flattering silhouettes, what inspired your decision to begin extending your sizing?

I saw it as a challenge, and the challenge was not about creating bigger sizes, it was to motivate women to define the icon that lives inside themselves.

What more can the industry be doing to make fashion more inclusive?

The fashion world can be more inclusive by showing that they are truly listening to women, who women are and what they want.


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