Adam Lippes

Adam Lippes

by Melissa Magsaysay

If there is any designer working today that understands timeless, fiercely feminine clothing, it’s Adam Lippes. It should come as no surprise that Lippes launched his career at Polo Ralph Lauren and was a creative director at Oscar de la Renta. The DNA of his eponymous line imbues a similar understated elegance of these fashion titans and has cemented Lippes in the minds of style conscious women who appreciate a beautifully classic aesthetic.

The designer was also a very early adopter of size inclusivity creating extended sizes and silhouettes that work for a range of shapes.

Case in point: Oprah Winfrey named Lippes’ t-shirts as one of her famed “Favorite Things” almost a decade ago and the rest as they say is fashion history.

But the halo effect from an Oprah endorsement can still be felt. Lippes’ perfect fitting t-shirts, versatile jackets and sweaters and ladylike dresses have become favorites of stars like Kerry Washington,Gigi Hadid and Amal Clooney to name just a few.

Celebrities aside, Lippes’ business has become a robust brand that women turn to season after season for elevated separates and embellished dresses.

Here, the designer talks about his collection, what inspires him and why extended sizing has been a priority from the beginning.

Q&A with Adam Lippes

You have been size inclusive for as long as your brand has been around. Why was this always important to you?

We had customers who wanted it. I couldn’t understand when stores who didn’t want to carry larger sizes. We are in the business of dressing women and making them happy.

From a production standpoint, is it a challenge for designers to go up in sizing?

In the realm of production complications in this business, it is minor. Not all things work for all sizes and yes there is a fit process, but otherwise it’s just something to you have want to figure out.

As for retailers, it’s important for them to fully get on board. It’s a priority for our collection to be available to everyone and that they feel comfortable shopping it everywhere.

There has been several celebrities who have been vocal on social media about designers not wanting to dress them. What are your thoughts on this?

I’m happy to dress them. I think when it comes to celebrities it can get complicated for brands. You may not have the dress being requested in their size so it becomes custom. And the designer may not have time or capability. Custom work is very expensive. Anyone who is a size 2-4 it’s a matter of a messenger (delivering it to the celebrity or stylist). Above that it’s a more of conversation.

You are so great about getting out there and interacting with your customer in person. Why is this key to your brand and business?

With my brand I’m most excited about our ability and communicate directly with our consumer through me traveling and through social media. It takes off the filters and lets me understand who she is and design for her. In the past we were in an ivory tower a bit and now we really can know who she is.


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    Tue, Jun 18

    I recently found this website, it is super Awesome for extended sizes women. Thank you for realizing we enjoy looking fashionable and current in style! I am thrilled you had the wisdom from the very beginning to dress us.

  • dot
    Sat, Feb 23

    Love 🛍🛒🎀👗👙👠👡👛👜👒

  • dot
    Thu, Feb 21

    I love your designs . They are timeless and sophisticated. No tents or mounds of fabric, just eccentuating the best parts of a woman’s body. Every woman has a “best” part of her body and that is what needs to shine. I get upset my designers that just want women to hide their curves because they are not a size 0-4. It also disturbs me when large sizes are categorized as being from a size 10.

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