Powerful Print + Bold Color

Powerful Print + Bold Color

by Melissa Magsaysay

While color and print as a spring trend are less than surprising, the level of vibrancy that both reach this season is worth a second look.

From neon to shocking and sherbert shades, the oversaturated hues so popular right now are a refreshing departure from the demure versions of color we’ve seen in the past.

Perhaps the best part of the trend featuring unabashed, bold hues is that there are no rules in which to wear them - literally, anything goes.

We’re seeing neon paired with fresh white and neutral beige and earth tones. Monochromatic head-to-toe prints and bold color and shimmering jewel tone shades worn with yet another shimmering jewel tone shade. It’s practically a revelation of how all “rules” are out the window and women have the power to express themselves sartorially in any way that best suits their body, lifestyle, mood and attitude.

Behold the power of color.

Here are a few of our favorite looks to wear this spring and anytime you want to show that when it comes to fashion, strength and femininity are not mutually exclusive.


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