New Season Fashion Horoscopes

New Season Fashion Horoscopes

by Nicole Phillips

The new decade is upon us and it’s time to reflect and set intentions for what we’d like the next year to bring, including of course, a total refresh of our wardrobe. From purging pieces that no longer serve us, to curating a look that is a true expression of ourselves, the new year is a great time to really hit, “reset” and commit to living our best (most stylish) lives.

Is there an art to zodiac fashion? The answer is yes, and luckily for you (and us) we have curated a collection with the stars (and you) in mind. Let the cosmic forces that be, guide you to the freshest looks of 2020.


The new year brings you a surge of energy and ideas that you’ve been cooking up over the past few months. Resolutions? Who needs them? Your mind is set on completing goals that you’ve already put into motion and they hardly focus on reinventing yourself when you’re already moving upward and onward. It’s time for a closet revamp and time to add pieces that you can wear to big meetings and important events. Seek colors and prints that keep you energized and optimistic.


You like to take time to reflect on the previous year and what you’d like to accomplish in the upcoming one. It’s likely that the warmth of the passing holiday season may have put you in a sort of a post-holiday funk, but you’re also excited to put all of your goals and intentions into a journal and patiently watch them all come to fruition. Your love of luxe fabrics and comfy vibes means that you gravitate towards soft, rich fabrics and silhouettes that allow you to enjoy your downtime.


You’ve made it through the first month of the new year and it’s pretty likely that any resolutions or intentions that you’ve set have already been changed up or amended to suit the week. That’s ok, Gemini — you’re the queen of variety and you’ve got all year to put your goals and projects (you have several) to work. With your busy calendar filling up, you will need to revamp your wardrobe with pieces that do double duty. Look for dresses that work for day and night and skirts that go with just about everything.


Kind, sensitive and reflective — the New Year is a time for you to take everything in and really focus on how to make sure that you’re living the best version of you. Throughout the year, you’re constantly making sure that those you love are taken care of, so this is the perfect time for you to make it all about you. When it comes to style, you cannot help but gravitate towards fabrics that are soft and sultry. You also love a little romance, so look for pieces that feel good against your body and make you feel beautiful.


You’re one strong lioness! No matter what the year has thrown at you, you know how to turn anything into a positive experience. When you sit back and reflect on the year, you see everything as an opportunity to learn, grow and become stronger. This is why you’re seen as so strong and resilient by your loved ones. You love to celebrate life and when it comes to your style, you like to choose pieces that feel cheery and optimistic. Look for bold prints and colors that are uplifting just like you are.


Let’s be real, Virgo. You’ve had your 2020 goals set since the summer as well as several vacations and weekend getaways. There’s nothing wrong with a goal-getter and your hard work continues to pay off every year when you can kick back (yeah, right) for a moment and reflect on all that you’ve accomplished. When it comes to your style, it’s likely that your winter break was spent cleaning out your closet and making room for newness. Look for classic dresses and blazers that you won’t want to part with anytime soon and work for your busy life.


The joyous holiday season is behind us, which at first can make you nostalgic for all of the intimate time you were able to spend with loved ones, but the birth of a new year is also a super-charge for your soul. You look at this time of the year as the perfect moment to redecorate your space, curate a new wardrobe and reimagine what it is that you want for the year. Seek pieces that are interesting and appeal to your exquisite taste. Look for prints that feel new and dresses that are ready for your next soiree.


You’re fearless, Scorpio and everyone around you knows it. You are ready to take this year and whatever it throws at you and make sure you land not only on your feet but that you do it with grace and courage. You love time to reflect and get organized and it’s likely that the gears in your head are running at full speed. Because you are ready for anything, you will need to make sure that your wardrobe is too. Look for timeless pieces in classic colors that pair well with your busy life but also work for some much needed weekends away to recharge.


You look at the new year with such optimism and a chance to plan all of your new adventures for the year. You’re a lover of newness and exploring places that you’ve never been and you probably spent New Years morning searching for travel deals and reading up on cities you’ve been wanting to visit. When looking to refresh your wardrobe, seek pieces that are as eclectic as you and tell a story with bold prints and fun silhouettes.


Your ambition and hard work are things that those around you admire, but Capricorn — make sure that you schedule some downtime for yourself. It could be a little hard for you to settle down and breathe for a moment, but you deserve it! Between busy meetings, putting out fires and non-stop family weekends, you also know how to enjoy the finer things in life and have no problem indulging in them. Invest in pieces that are not only stunning, but classic and work in various areas of your life (because let's face it, you’re one practical woman!)


An eternal optimist, you see the new year as a new, clean canvas — and you’re ready to create joy around you! You love people and getting together for social events so it’s likely that you have a calendar that’s filling up quickly. You love getting together with like-minded idealists to talk about ways to benefit charities and ways you can help change the world. When it comes to your style, you look for pieces that make a statement and that you can wear from panels on climate change to networking brunches.


You’re so in tune with not only yourself but those around you that when the new year comes, your instinct is to put good intentions into the universe for everyone in your life. You’re selfless and emotional and although you take things one day at a time, you’re also armed with goals for what you’d like to accomplish for the year. You look at the change of the season with determination and gusto and that’s why people look to you as a leader. When it comes to your style, seek pieces that can command an audience but also feel approachable and calming.


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