Name to Know: Cassia DeMayo

Name to Know: Cassia DeMayo

by Melissa Magsaysay

The jazz singer Cassia DeMayo may sound like she’s from another era, but her aesthetic is all modern and the alchemy that arises from the fusion of two worlds (modeling and singing) is truly something special. DeMayo, a trained singer who gravitated toward jazz in college, has been on a meteoric rise with her music over the past several years since releasing her debut album in 2015. Here, DeMayo shares more about herself beyond the music.

Name and occupation

Cassia DeMayo, Vocalist/Curve Model

What's your go-to favorite outfit?

A colorful sundress

Describe your style in three words

Chic, sexy, casual

What was one of your most memorable style mishaps?

There’s so many to choose from...The one that keeps coming to mind is tight hipster jeans that I tried to wear a few times in my teens. I would always have to wear an oversized sweatshirt to cover my butt crack and hips that were pouring out the sides. Yay junior high!

What advice would you tell your 13 year old self?

Wear clothes that fit, regardless of the number on the tag. Enjoy yourself and focus on your friendships and school, boys will always be there! Take up space!


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