Moodboard Monday: Dubai

Moodboard Monday: Dubai

by Melissa Magsaysay

What goes into making an image appear candid, flawless and effortless? Quite a bit. From conception to execution, from location to catering, the glamour of a photo shoot is just a sliver of the process.

Moodboard Monday: Dubai

It all starts with the concept and a vibe set by a mood board of beautiful and aspirational imagery. For every Mood Board Monday, Creative Director Shannon Hall shares her inspiration and creative process for each 11 Honoré shoot.

This month it’s the desert of Dubai, with campaign images starring Candice Huffine and appearing on the 11 Honoré homepage throughout June.

Moodboard Monday: Dubai
The Inspiration

When I first heard we (11 Honoré) were expanding into Dubai - and the Middle East in general - Paul Bowles' The Sheltering Sky and the The Bertolucci film version were some of the first images to come to mind. The Sheltering Sky has always been one of my favorite books and the film produced some incredibly powerful and dramatic landscapes.

Of course The Sheltering Sky takes place in Northern Africa (and not the United Arab Emirates) but I wanted to capture the same sense of mystery, scale and even naivete of place and culture that both the film and book do in their own ways.

Moodboard Monday: Dubai
The Location

So much of Dubai is new new new - and the population itself is incredibly international. Only 20% of Dubai is actually Emirate - but there are pockets of Dubai that reach back beyond modern politics and reveal the deep and rich texture of a more ancient landscape.

We travelled an hour and a half outside of the city center to the most incredible sand dunes. They undulated literally as far as the eye could see and were exactly what I had originally imagined. While we did rent a camel for the shoot (well two actually - camels only travel in two's) there were native camel farms and camels walking freely among the dunes.

Moodboard Monday: Dubai
The Mood

It was unspeakably hot but more than that, dryer than any place I'd ever been. Just breathing in the air made me thirsty in a way I don't think I'd ever experienced. The desert in the American Southwest and even the Sahara didn't generate a thirst quite like this. Looking back I'm not entirely sure how our photographer David Roemer and model Candice Huffine made it thru because most of us stayed under some erected shelter of shade sipping juice packs while they were out there shooting until the sun went down.

Moodboard Monday: Dubai
STYLIST: Anita Altmane


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