Mood Board Monday: Paris Edition

Mood Board Monday: Paris Edition

by Melissa Magsaysay

What goes into making an image appear candid, flawless and effortless? Quite a bit. From conception to execution, from location to catering, the glamour of a photo shoot is just a sliver of the process.

It all starts with the concept and a vibe set by a mood board of beautiful and aspirational imagery. For every Mood Board Monday, Creative Director Shannon Hall shares her inspiration and creative process for each 11 Honoré shoot.

This month it’s the endlessly chic appeal of Paris, with campaign images appearing on the 11 Honoré homepage throughout April.

Mood Board Monday: Paris Edition
The Inspiration

We called the shoot “La Femme.” The mood board had a lot of different images of Lauren Becall and Charlotte Rampling and also plenty of Helmut Newton images of a woman that is put together, composed, sexy, strong and seductive.

Mood Board Monday: Paris Edition
The Location

Paris, France. Paris is always a good idea! But honestly, we are a start up with extremely tight budgets. With the shows happening in Paris at the time, a lot of people we work with were already going to be there, so we used that as an opportunity to get a great shoot done in Paris.

Fortunately the rain during the shoot was intermittent, so we were able to get location shots in between the thunder showers. We shot on the Seine, on and around the Ile Saint-Louis, at the Classic Bridge and Place de la Concorde.

Mood Board Monday: Paris Edition
The Mood

At the shoot is where the alchemy begins. How does this look work with the environment and the model? Do I believe her character at this moment? That is where it becomes improvisation — taking the baseline of the character and her motivation and finding what is true to that moment. If it's not authentic I'm not interested, unless of course there's drama!

All of the women we work with are incredible. This shoot with Marquita, I really saw her incredible work ethic and attitude. It was not an easy shoot for her. We were shooting the spring collection — most of it outside in at best, 40 degree damp weather. She did not complain once, she never lost her smile or her sense of humor. She was a total trooper and I think we were all a little sad to see the day end.

Mood Board Monday: Paris Edition
Creative Direction: Shannon Hall
Photographer: David Roemer
Model: Marquita Pring
Hair Stylist: Johnnie Sapong
Makeup Artist: Nikki DeRoest
Stylist: Jessica Raiter


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