Jennifer McDougall

Jennifer McDougall

by Melissa Magsaysay

The Hair Stylist’s Must-Have Products For Fighting Summer Frizz

Jennifer McDougall is all about surprise and changing things up. Considering she’s been the lead hairstylist on Project Runway for over 5 years, she is used to switching up looks to compliment the designers consistently evolving creations.

Today, she works on the entire Project Runway empire including the original show, All Stars and Juniors, truly showcasing her range as a hair expert.

She’s also moved in front of the camera. YouTube videos, her Instagram stories and for L’Oreal Pro as on-air guest, McDougall is sharing her passion to make people feel great through beauty on several platforms.

Here, the hairstylist shares some insight on her career as well as her must-have hair products for fighting frizz through the summer months.

Jennifer McDougall
Project Runway hairstylist Jennifer McDougall.
Jennifer McDougall
Project Runway hairstylist Jennifer McDougall.

Q & A With Jennifer

How did you get started as a hairstylist?

It feels like I was always a hairstylist. As a young teen I would go to the salon with my friends to instruct the hairstylist of what I wanted them to do to my friends hair. Thinking back they must have hated me hahaha, I started doing that at 12.

Has being around so many young and talented designers changed your look style at all?

Absolutely! I used to live in black all the time. Now I wear so much color and love to find signature designer pieces.

What does a day in your life look like?

It is really different every day and that keeps it exciting and energetic just how I like it. I work on photo shoots, tv shows and create content for beauty and hair stories so I am often in a studio somewhere. I also travel a lot with L’Oreal Pro across the USA and internationally as well as working on shopping networks as an on air guest for beauty.

What do you love most about what you do?

I love to make people look and feel their best. Having the right hair can make someone’s day and their mood change. I also like the element of surprise, styling their hair in a way that they didn’t think they could have or adding hair pieces to completely transform a look.

List your personal must-have beauty products (hair and makeup)

I am obsessed with Chanel CC cream!!! I use it every day and love that it has 50 sunscreen. My skin looks flawless when I am wearing it and I have been given many compliments on my skin since I switched to it. As for hair I am loving the T3 whirl trip curling iron. You can interchange the barrel to create the wave or curl type and size. I use on my hair as well as have one for my pro hair kit.

What is your best advice for fighting summer hair frizz?

I love to pop into a blow out bar or salon and get a pro blow out using anti frizz serums and hairspray. It’s a great way to have a longer lasting blow out. Another way is to go with it! Take a curling iron and curl just a few pieces separately and use your fingers to shake and blend it all together after. Embrace the frizz and go with waves or curls.

Fight Summer Frizz With These Key Products:


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