Fashion Horoscopes

Fashion Horoscopes

by Nicole Phillips

The Holiday Looks You Need According to the Stars

With the holidays approaching at full speed and your weekends quickly filling up with social events, don’t let the thought of figuring out, what to wear overwhelm you. Leave some of your sartorial woes to the universe to solve. It’s all in the stars, and your zodiac sign might just be the perfect style guide for you this season.


Your fiery character and love of a good party is the perfect opportunity for your bold style to shine though. You’re poised and ambitious so it’s no wonder you gravitate towards statement pieces that command a room. Choose colors and prints that highlight your cool nature and keep you center stage.


We’ll be able to find you at chic dinner parties or bundled up with your closest loved ones in a cozy cabin all holiday season. And because you have a deep love for comfort and luxury it makes total sense that you would be attracted to the comfiest sweaters and dresses that are both luxe and elevated. Look for pieces that appeal to all of your earthly senses.


Chances are you already have your weekends booked up through January so you’re going to need pieces that make lasting impressions (since you’re likely to be at every social event.) Look for dresses with a dramatic flair to appeal to your creative side and wild conversational prints since you’re the queen of communication.


Intuitive and sensitive, your fashion presence should reflect your cosmic energy. Since it’s likely you’ll be at gatherings with an array of eclectic characters, look for pieces that feel comfortable and make you feel at ease in your beautiful body. Flowy fabrics and subtle details will allow you to shine in the most intimate settings and grandiose galas.


It’s no secret that Leos love to make an entrance and with your love of socializing, it’s a given that you’ll be invited to a ton of holiday parties. Theatrical and vivacious, you should seek out show-shopper styles that show off your wild side. Stick to bold prints and rich textures that are perfect for any decadent dinner party or night out on the town.


You may be a creature of comfort and prefer smaller gatherings in familiar settings versus big parties full of people you do not know, but you still love to revel in the festivities. With your keen sense of self and your love of detail, this holiday season seek out pieces that appeal to your perfectionist nature. Dresses that are perfectly tailored and separates that are sophisticated will keep you looking fresh for your company work parties or dinner with your dearest friend.


Before you even receive the invite to any holiday party, chances are you already know exactly what you’re going to wear. As a lover of everything beautiful and with exquisite taste, it’s only natural that you gravitate towards pieces that are not only high-fashion but that are unique and extraordinary. Look for dramatic topper coats with one-of-a-kind prints and dresses in harmonious colors.


As the most seductive sign of the zodiac, you have no problem showing off your curves and taking fashion risks. You have a love of power and leadership so it’s likely that instead of waiting for the invite to a holiday party, you’ll be throwing one of your own. Consider bodycon dresses that command an audience and pieces with silhouettes that make you feel seductive and sensual.


Your inherent sense of wanderlust and desire for knowledge will keep you busy all holiday season. From intimate, impromptu gatherings to indulgent weekends away in unexplored cities, seek out pieces that reflect your fun-loving nature and work for your diverse social circles. Choose dresses with classic silhouettes but surprising details and jackets with attention-grabbing nuances.


Even though you’re intrinsically focused and hardworking, you love a social gathering with close friends that let you unwind and soak up good conversation. When it comes to fashion, your practical nature overrules so you tend to look for classic silhouettes and pieces that you can wear again and again. Look for dresses with timeless prints and distinctive details that you will feel confident in investing in.


When you’re not busy trying to solve all of the world’s problems, you’re likely already starting to look for that perfect outfit for your upcoming charity galas and social soirees. Your eccentric style and love of fun fashion makes shopping its own event. Look for gowns with noteworthy details and coats with distinguishing prints that allow you to grab and go to your next big event.


With your love of people and your empathetic nature, it’s no secret that you yearn for the intimate gatherings of the season with those closest to you. Your style tends to reflect your sensitive disposition as well. Look for dresses with soft flowy fabric that move freely with you as you move through the party, making sure that you’ve connected with each guest.


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