Fall Fashion Horoscopes: The Anything but Basic Edition

Fall Fashion Horoscopes: The Anything but Basic Edition

by Nicole Phillips

Fall comes with some typical tropes that frankly, we find tiring. Spice up your sartorial side with chic looks and sumptuous textures that are anything but basic.

It’s happening. You cannot escape it. It’s not immune to social distancing or a pandemic. It creeps upon us and then infiltrates everything from our Instagram feed to our mommy-and-me play dates to our coffee houses. It’s…Basic Fall Style (think: leggings and over-the-knee boots, buffalo plaid button downs and oversized, chunky scarves) and it’s showing no signs of going away.

Good news for you though, we (and the stars) can help guide you through the sea of average autumnal gear and save you from the mundane go-tos of previous years to curate a fall uniform that is chic, elevated and perfectly aligned with your star sign.

Now, pause on placing that pumpkin spice latte order and start your fall here instead.


Being cooped up inside has been a major challenge for you but it’s also allowed for time to really set your goals for the end of the year. (And you probably have a vision board or two that you’ve put together when the doldrums of quarantine life got your creative juices flowing.) You’re nothing short of ambitious and a little time to reflect is good for your busy soul. It’s also likely that with your big Aries energy, you’ve already planned a huge virtual Friendsgiving, so look for pieces that feel energetic and statement making.


You’re a creature of comfort and look forward to the holidays because being close to those you love with a house filled with the nostalgic aromas of your most treasured family recipes is what fills your love cup. You probably have already binged on pumpkin spice candles from your local boutique apothecary shop. So to go with your cozy, fall vibe, look for pieces with soft and rich textures, but luxurious of course, because you tend to be fancy.


Your youthful look on life and ability to seamlessly adapt to every change of the season means you wholeheartedly embrace newness. But since you are constantly battling the inner twins in your head, you may mourn the passing of summer while still looking forward to what fall brings. While some of your friends are busy putting autumnal themed wreaths on every door in their house, you’re busy searching for additions to your wardrobe that work beyond the season. Search for pieces that are fun, versatile and interesting.


You get a little sentimental when summer is over. Maybe it’s just the change of seasons or the time of reflection as you head into the holiday season but either way, you may or may not have spent a few days bundled up in bed writing in your journal and looking through your, “summer of 2008,” Facebook album. You tend to feel things deeply and look for pieces to add into your wardrobe that make you feel wrapped in love — just like you make everyone else around you feel.


Go big or go home is a motto that you have no problem using and you’re fully embracing the fall aesthetic. Your creative and fun loving persona means that you’re filling up your calendar with safe activities that you’ve spent summer looking forward to. Before you book the fall family photo shoot at the pumpkin patch, it’s time to add a little something extra to your wardrobe. Look for prints that are as bold as you are but timeless and chic.


You’re not one to fall into the trend of seasonal novelty. But you’re creative in the most practical way so it’s not so much the season itself, it’s the chance to look at your life to see what should be added into it and what should be purged. You look at your wardrobe similarly. Keep to the classic, chic and timeless aesthetic that works for you, but look for pieces with a little bit of interesting detail.


Your charming and sociable nature keeps you excited for fall because it’s the beginning of the holiday season, which means a chance to entertain your most loved. You’re also a sucker for decorating and you’ve probably already pulled down boxes of festive fall decor from your garage rafters and have begun placing a perfectly curated collection of white pumpkins throughout your home. To celebrate the new season, keep with a theme and look for luxurious pieces that pair well with your fall decor.


You’re probably a bit moody these days, and it’s likely because you’re a Scorpio, TBH. And while you love the get-togethers and all of the hoopla that comes with this season, you also love a little downtime. So while the rest of the world puts pumpkin spice in everything and decorates their porches with faux foliage, you’re just fine sitting back as an observer and enjoying the longer nights and cooler temps. While you normally gravitate towards pieces that scream powerhouse, we suggest looking for pieces that are comfortable and help you get the much needed downtime you crave.


If your spring and summer were spent sheltering at home or more distanced than your typically social and busy life, it was probably torture for you. You’re an eternal optimist though, find joy in everything so you made do — even if you had to really get creative with your social life. Now that the world is opening up more, you’re excited for weekends with family and little escapes to places for a change of scenery. This fall, look for one-and-done pieces that work with travel, staycations and are easy to dress up or down to fit the event’s vibe.


Are you ready for fall? Of course you are. We’d put money on it, that your holiday shopping is already completed, that you have your entire menu planned for Thanksgiving and that you’ve written down your intentions for 2021 —all while balancing owning your new home/work normal. You’re an ambitious, busy bee that thrives on making life beautiful and the new season gives you a reason to decorate, and re-organize your home. Your closet included. Look for pieces that work for your professional and personal life and that are tailored perfectly.


You live your life with the best of intentions and as someone who prides themselves on being idealistic and inviting, surrounding yourself with the comforts of fall’s splendors and your loved ones, gets you excited for the season. Whether you’re planning on hosting the seasonal holiday gatherings or gracing guests with your charm, wit and conversation, you’re embracing the end of the year with open arms and optimism. Because you’re original and like to make something your own, look for pieces that literally go with everything, but also can stand alone as a wardrobe hero.


Every change of the season is like a pause button for you. When you’re normally bouncing from idea to idea, place to place, your body actually slows down for some much needed inward reflection. It’s a time for you to look at what’s serving you in a positive way and what may need some changing or shifting. This is also a time to gravitate towards those who love and value your imaginative and selfless nature the most… and you tend to have a lot of people in your inner circle. When updating your fall wardrobe, seek out pieces with soft, details and are versatile enough to wear throughout the season


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