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Chelsea Miller

Chelsea Miller

by Melissa Magsaysay

The model muses about her skincare routine and maintaining those enviable eyebrows.

Plus Size Designer Fashion Chelsea Miller

In the pictures peppering her Instagram feed or various clothing campaigns and photo shoots, model Chelsea Miller’s flawless skin and bold eyebrows immediately command attention.

It’s no wonder since the Los Angeles native prioritizes a strict skincare regimen and uses makeup simply to enhance, not cover up her striking features. But it wasn’t always this way. As a teenager, Miller opted for a camouflage style approach to makeup and had so many products they required a rolling suitcase.

“As a teenager, I wore so much makeup it was unbelievable.” Says Miller. “I didn’t like my freckles and did everything I could to cover them. I also wore a ton of foundation that didn’t match.”

We’ve all been there, but today, the model trusts a tried and true list of skincare and makeup that makes her look and feel her best whether for a casting or just the day-to-day. Miller says that makeup artists consistently comment on her skin, which is a huge source of pride for her, since she works so hard to keep it flawless, but it’s her eyebrows that are definitely a signature.

“Brows are touchy for me because I have had such a struggle with them.” Says Miller. “They were really bushy growing up and I was made fun of. My mom didn’t want me to touch them, but when I was 12, I took a razor to them. It can totally distort the way your face looks. I looked insane.” Unsurprisingly, no one touches her brows anymore.

Here, Miller shares her skin care routine and the must-have beauty items she’s using now.

Plus Size Designer Fashion Chelsea Miller
Voyage Dirty Towel – The oil on these towels loosens up the product on my face and can be used everywhere including the eyes. These are vegan and 100% natural, plus a moisturizer and have anti aging qualities.
Plus Size Designer Fashion Chelsea Miller
Evan Healy Rosehip Facial Serum – This is incredibly moisturizing and feels silky and luxurious on my skin, not to mention that it smells dreamy. It's naturally high in vitamin A and C so it is anti aging, fades hyper pigmentation (acne scars), helps with sun damage and again just evens out the skin tone. Dress
Plus Size Designer Fashion Chelsea Miller
African Black Soap – Once I've loosened up all the product on my face with the oil, I use a cleanser called African black soap which is anti aging, evens skin tone, helps correct dark spots and really brings down inflammation. Sometimes if I have a blemish, I leave a little of this on overnight as a spot treatment.
Plus Size Designer Fashion Chelsea Miller
Charlotte Tilbury Lip Liner in Pink Venus - If I want to amp up my natural color just a bit I add Charlotte Tilbury's lip pencil in Pink Venus.
Plus Size Designer Fashion Chelsea Miller
Burt’s Bees Pink Grapefruit - I actually love the natural shade of my lips, so my every day is Burt's Bees in pink grapefruit. There is just something so kissable and youthful about a naturally pink lip that just looks plump and moisturized.

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