Candice Huffine's Fashion Week.

Candice Huffine's Fashion Week.

by Melissa Magsaysay

Candice Huffine Celebrates after New York Fashion Week Show for Christian Siriano
"Backstage glamour at Christian Siriano!"

There is no question that model Candice Huffine has already made a lasting impression on the Fashion Week runways. Having done her first season just last February, Huffine returned this September (a testament to how fashion is changing to be more inclusive) to walk the shows and even sit front row as a guest at one of them. 

As Fashion Month continues, we took time to chat with the model about what she wears, eats and how she treats herself to get through the fashion frenzy. 

Has your experience changed from your first season until now?

My first season was just this past February. Everything has changed and by that I mean the fact I'm back means all the change we hoped for is here to stay! My inclusion in February's fashion week season was not a fad or a trend. It had meaning and purpose and I knew I was finally where I deserved to be for the right reasons. I'm so proud to have seen so many curves- more than the season before- on so many runways! Onward and upward is truly the only way.

Describe your fashion week "look"?

For fashion week castings, fittings, backstage show arrivals and last minute events I stuck to a "uniform" I felt great in and knew could live in any environment. I chose a black leather mini skirt, camisole, and leather ankle boots and chic jacket.

Candice Huffine Celebrates after New York Fashion Week Show for Christian Siriano
"Backstage glamour at Christian Siriano!"

Your Fashion Month morning pick me up?

For a week that is designed to run everyone down I had to make sure to take care of me the best way I knew how to keep my energy up! For me this meant a morning run when I could and ALL the cold brew. There is never enough coffee at fashion week. 

First stop of Fashion Month?

Fashion week for us starts way before it's official first day with castings starting well before Labor Day. My first stop was to Christian Siriano to drop off my show card and show him my walk.

What was the scene like at the shows you did?

The first show for me this week was Christian Siriano! Our look was all about a sleek pony and lush lashes! I absolutely loved it and firmly believe less really is more when it comes to hair and makeup. Every single girl was glowing and chic. I wore a stunning black gown with a thigh high slit that I felt personally connected to. As someone who recommends you play up your favorite body parts when dressing yourself, mine happens to be my legs, so naturally I was very much into this look. As for the scene... I mean... electric! I literally have never had so much fun and I feel like the same could be said for the audience. The energy was high and the smiles were so big! I firmly believe the diverse cast CS put together to wear the vibrant designs played a huge and welcomed part! Oh and let us not forget the fabulous contribution of Miss Leslie Jones who was the ultimate front row guest!

 My second show of the week was as a front row guest for Brandon Maxwell. It was shockingly my first time ever attending a show and being on the other side of things. I must say it is far less stressful, haha. The show was staged at a red velvet basement club called Doubles on the Upper East Side complete with disco balls and drama. The soundtrack was perfection and every single girl and every single outfit took my breath away. 

 My third show was walking for Prabal Gurung. This was my second time walking in his show and was an honor to be back again. To be continually supported by designers who are committed to making diversity a part of their brand ethos is the best feeling in the world and further proof that things are changing within the industry. My favorite part was when Prabal told us that Gloria Steinem was in the front row right before we walked out. He said it was the first show she has ever attended and to channel her feminine power and walk in her honor. There is never NOT an inspiring moment at a PG show. 

Candice Huffine and Matt Powers at the Harper Bazaar Icons party Wearing Christian Siriano
"Mega glam with my mega babe Matt Powers at the Harper Bazaar Icons party! Wearing Christian Siriano!"

 What is backstage like?

Backstage is controlled chaos. Major kudos to all the producers and magicians who get it done. It seems impossible when you're standing back there in a sea of photographers and models and hair and makeup teams where everyone is rushing and shouting but we pull it off flawlessly every time. It's pretty damn cool. 

Post-show treat?

Pizza and champagne, always.

 How you wind down after a long day?

Sleep! It's so hard to do it all during this week. Some evenings I had to just focus on me and go to bed early in order to be fresh for other shows and jobs.

How do you treat yourself after the week is over?

Well, life goes on at rapid speed as soon as fashion week closes, so it leaves little time for any relaxing. However, I did sneak in an epic massage, and that's fine by me. There are too many exciting things on the horizon to rest, ya know?

Candice Huffine walks the runway for Christian Siriano
A dress I want to wear over and over. A moment in the Siriano show."
Candice Huffine Plus Size Model New York Fashion Week Prabal Gurung Show
"Backstage at Prabal getting glam. This was my line up card. Me and my fab green dress would be the 29th look to walk out."

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