Beauty Products To Keep Skin Hydrated This Travel Season

Beauty Products To Keep Skin Hydrated This Travel Season

by Rakhee Bhatt

When it comes to flying the friendly skies, traveling at 35,000 feet up tends to not be so nice on a gal’s complexion. Cabin pressure and a lack of fresh oxygen can cause skin to feel dry and dull, especially when the flight is a long one. Here, eight carry-on worthy beauty products to keep your face healthy and hydrated in the air.

Lavish rosehip, pomegranate, and sea buckthorn oils join forces with superfood noni fruit to protect skin from environmental stressors so it can be free to shine on.

Spritz on this hydrating spray—crafted from ingredients like moisture-retaining Okinawa red algae and hyaluronic acid—before applying makeup for a flawless finish.

Dab this vitamin C and magnesium formula onto clean skin to help brighten complexion and diminish dark spots.

Six essential herbs—including rosemary, sage, and lavender—harmoniously combine in these portable cloths to cleanse, nourish, and protect skin all day long.

Effortlessly replenish skin and even out texture by using this serum infused with vitamin B5 gel, pineapple, and watermelon rind.

Calm eye puff with this creamy mixture of caffeine and hyaluronic acid specifically designed for sensitive skin.

Slough away dull skin in just two minutes with this exfoliating treatment, which works to target beauty concerns like fine lines and acne.

Rosehip and camellia oils, Damask rose water, and organic aloe vera are all found in this skin-plumping cream that works to boost the production of collagen.


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