Apiece Apart

Apiece Apart

by Melissa Magsaysay

“Go Anywhere, Do Anything” is a philosophy that Laura Cramer and Starr Hout, founders and designers of Apiece Apart have been abiding by since launching their brand 10 years ago. It’s also at the heart of how their collection comes to life, with each piece allowing the wearer to feel free physically, able to move through the day with ease, while still looking timelessly chic.

Effortless and versatile, Apiece Apart has become the go-to brand for celebrities, style influencers and a wide variety of women who appreciate the thoughtful nature of the design, fabrics and cool practicality imbued into the clothes.

True to their stance of inclusivity and in support of empowering women, Apiece Apart has recently launched extended sizes, which is now carried on 11 Honoré as well as their own website.

Here Cramer and Hout talk about the technical challenges and emotional triumphs of launching this new aspect of their business.

Q & A With Laura and Starr

Since starting the brand 10 years ago, do you notice a significant shift toward size-inclusivity?

Yes, and we could not be happier about it! We originally launched our Apiece Apart WOMAN storytelling series as a way to feature the full range of interesting and strong women who inspire us. It’s exciting to see these stories take on new layer for Apiece Apart and in the industry as a whole.

Why was now the time for you to start extending your sizing?

This collection came out of requests from the women of Apiece Apart. We were receiving messages and emails from around the world asking for a wider range of sizes. As a woman founded and run company, we are always trying to design to make a woman feel confident and like her truest self at any stage in her life.

What have been the biggest challenges from a technical or design standpoint in extending your sizing?

Perfecting the fit. We are always striving to have the right balance of ease, while still being figure flattering.

What percentage of the line is available until a 22?

We launched with 7 styles of both iconic Apiece Apart styles and best-selling silhouettes from our Spring/Summer collection. We will be introducing more styles with each collection.

What can people expect from the extended size range?

Our signature jumpsuits, bold stripes and go-to dresses. We continuously come back to the idea of “where it anywhere” when we design.

What more can the fashion industry be doing to embrace and implement extended sizing to where it is the norm not the exception?

While we sell to stores all over the world, only a few retailers have expressed interest in carrying the full size range. Both us as designers, and key retail players getting on board will help.


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