Anita Patrickson

Anita Patrickson

by Melissa Magsaysay

The Stylist Building a Chic and Inclusive Shoe Brand

Whether or not a trip to St. Tropez or Capri is in the cards for you this summer, getting handmade, custom and size-inclusive sandals may be.

Enter Amanu, a newly launched bespoke sandal making studio created by celebrity stylist Anita Patrickson.

As a longtime fashion insider dressing the likes of Julianne Hough, Emma Watson and Uma Thurman, Patrickson is well versed in what women want and love to wear. But it was a trip to Capri, Italy a few years ago where the stylist had her lightbulb moment of the brand she dreamed of creating: an accessible and inclusive luxury sandal service and experience.

Amanu is the culmination of her careful planning and thoughtful creating. The West Hollywood, California store offers an array of various styles from simple one strap slides to intricately laced gladiator sandals and feather trimmed slip ons. The best part? Since Amanu sandals are all custom made to the wearers foot and measured and built by hand on site, strap widths and styles can be adjusted to fit all shapes and sizes, so that sandals are not just chic, but are comfortable and don’t dig in or pinch anywhere another pair might.

Take a peek inside the beautifully appointed store, plus hear Patrickson’s story on building her new brand.

Anita Patrickson
Stylist and founder of Amanu, Anita Patrickson
Anita Patrickson
Amanu Studio, located at 605 N W Knoll Dr, West Hollywood, CA 90048
Anita Patrickson
A wall of sandal designs at Amanu
Anita Patrickson
Colorful sandal option inside Amanu


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