And The Emmy Goes to...

And The Emmy Goes to...

by Rakhee Bhatt

7 Inspiring Quotes From These Emmy Nominated Women

Television is arguably at an all time high. There’s more (amazing) content and more shows to stream and binge watch than ever and endless options (because options are key) to choose from.

With the The 70th Primetime Emmy awards around the corner, what we’re anticipating most are all of the amazing female nominees. Not only are they all super talented, but inspiring off screen as well capturing our hearts and minds with their positive and uplifting personas, plus impeccable style.

From Ellen Degeneres to Tracee Ellis Ross, we round up the most inspiring things singular stars have ever said.

Aidy Bryant on Shifting Her Focus Off Her Weight in The Cut:

“I was spending so much energy on something that really, no matter what I did, wasn’t changing. And I truly got to a breaking point. I finally was like, ‘What if I put all of that energy into just trying to like myself and focus on the things I actually want to do as opposed to this thing that’s like a made-up concept?’ And I’m not kidding, my entire life changed after I did that. I stopped letting it be an all-day, everyday thing that defined everything that I did. And it worked.”

Tatiana Maslany on The Importance of Following Your Gut in Interview Magazine:

“Go with your gut every single time. It’s never, ever wrong. Even if feels like everybody else is telling you that you need to do this or do that. Your gut is your artist and who you are as a person and what makes you special, and what makes you an interesting performer. Never try to be something you’re not.”

Tracee Ellis Ross on People Judging You in Glamour Magazine:

“It’s really interesting to be a woman and to get to 45 and not be married and not have kids. I’m a good friend, a solid daughter, a hard worker, my credit is good, I take out the garbage before it gets smelly, I recycle, and I won a Golden Globe.... I wrote down, ‘My life is mine….’ Those words stopped me in my tracks and honestly brought so many tears to my eyes.”

Evan Rachel Wood on Coming Out as a Bisexual in the New York Times:

“Everyone was like, ‘Don’t do it!’ And I was like, I have to, it’s me, and it’s unhealthy if I live in a way that’s not authentic.”

Allison Janney on Using Criticism to Your Advantage in Bustle:

“Before I’d go on stage, I’d say [to her off-Broadway costar Stanley Tucci], 'come on, say the thing.' And he’d say, 'I want you to go out there and show everyone how terrible you are. You are the worst actress I’ve ever seen in my life. And I’d go, 'thank you.' That’s all I needed.”

Ellen Degeneres on Why It’s Okay to Not Be Okay in Oprah Magazine:

“I think Diane Sawyer told me she read something that said the cracks in your heart let the sun shine through. I just thought that was beautiful. And it's all part of balance. I'm a comedian, and I definitely see the humor in a lot of things. I am also sad a lot. I cry often and easily. I think you're supposed to feel all kinds of things.”

Laura Dern on Women Supporting Each Other in Refinery 29:

“I remember my mom and grandma talking about women sticking together, and my mother said, ‘It takes a woman for your man to cheat on you.’ And we either choose to support each other, or we want to get what we can. We learn from mistakes, and from playing all the roles in our lifetimes. We’ve left and we’ve been left—certainly by my age, we’ve been through a lot in relationships—but to learn to do things with dignity and respect for everybody and particularly other women is really cool.”


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