About Face: Nicolette Mason

About Face: Nicolette Mason

by Melissa Magsaysay

Nicolette Mason’s Skincare Focused Regimen and Punk-Inspired Makeup

Before Nicolette Mason became a popular blogger and fashion entrepreneur, she frequented punk rock shows in Los Angeles. Her beauty choices back then certainly reflected her passion for the vibrant punk scene.

“My first introduction to makeup was being a 12-year-old, going up to a MAC cosmetic counter in the Sherman Oaks Galleria, and picking out the brightest blue eyeshadow possible.” Says Mason. The color was a bold shade called Electric Eel and a shade that the then teenager continued to wear throughout middle school. “It was definitely a punk moment.”

She has since traded in her pots of Electric Eel for a regimen focused on amazing skincare and a foundation that may just be her desert island product.

Here, Mason shares her must-have products and most beloved brands (hint: Sunday Riley, Glossier and Nars rank high on her list).


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