9 to 5 with Nicole Phillips

9 to 5 with Nicole Phillips

by Melissa Magsaysay

11 Honoré’s Director of Social Media + Communications Redefines the New Work Day in the Latest from The 11 Honoré Collection

Now that we are all discovering what a new 9 to 5 looks like (migrate from the kitchen table to the couch at noon and roll calls on a walk around the neighborhood), so too has our wardrobe changes - or lack thereof.

Nicole Phillips, the director of social media and communications for 11 Honoré, has reimagined what her daily life looks like, trying to juggle a full work schedule, endless Zooms and an active toddler. Here, she lets us into what a typical day of WHF life looks like and how she’s shaking up her everyday uniform by utilizing key essential pieces from The 11 Honoré Collection’s laid back luxe line. It may not always be easy, but she somehow always manages to keep it chic.

Date Night

It's hard to have a date-night when you're a short-order cook for a three-year-old and you don’t know if it's a Tuesday night or Friday night. (JK, everyone knows when it's a Friday night!) Thank goodness for a sleepover at Nana's and a backyard "date-night" using the fancy plates. I'll take any opportunity at this point to put on something totally sexy that makes me feel beautiful.

Running Errands

These days, every chance I have to leave the house even if it's for a short errand or grocery run, I am finding that I am craving a little bit of dress-up time. It's truly been a bit of self-care for me to put my hair together, pull out shoes that are not Crocs, apply my nicer makeup and wear something that I have been lusting after in my closet. I'm fully committed to celebrating the small things these days. Plus, I love this dress because it looks great on a Zoom call on the patio with good lighting.


I am a summer girl. Period. And while we've had to get creative with our vacations this summer, we've still managed to find pockets of familiar summer joys like spending an entire day poolside. As a busy mom I am constantly either in the pool playing or running out to grab drink refills or snacks, so I love how easy it is to throw on this top over my suit while I juggle the day. Plus, this shirt looks great over the suit and paired with a great slip skirt and slides.

Running Errands

I've collected vintage and thrifted band tees since I was like 13 and usually my go-to bottoms are a pair of Yoga pants, but I have officially upgraded my life with these pants. They feel like pajamas but look so chic and elevated. This has become my weekend mom uniform because pockets are life and I can wear them with everything.

Socially Distanced Picnic

Who hasn’t missed brunch with their friends?! (Raises both hands!!) After months, a few of us met up for an outdoor distanced picnic on our own blankets and this was my summer look. Nothing like the perfect white tee with a fun skirt to look super pulled together even for just a quick desperately needed meetup.


While it’s been great to cut out my daily commute by working from home, I MISS my work friends. I got the chance to dress up for a photo shoot and immediately threw on my go-to my Jada skirt. I paired it with a casual, cozy sweater (tie-dye of course) and some easy wedges, so I felt like my old self for a quick photo shoot and meeting with ladies I miss seeing daily.


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