5 Calligraphers to Follow on Instagram

5 Calligraphers to Follow on Instagram

by Melissa Magsaysay

Calligraphy is currently experiencing a resurgence of popularity around the world, aided in large part to Meghan Markle. Prior to her star-making turn on Suits, the Duchess of Sussex worked as a part-time calligrapher—even penning the invitations to Paula Patton and Robin Thicke’s 2005 wedding—while auditioning for acting roles. Now calligraphy has found fame in the digital space, and the inspirational uses for this trade know no bounds. Here, we round up five calligraphers worth following on Instagram to motivate you to put pen to paper.

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Sylvia Wong @viacalligraphy

“As a calligrapher, I'm best known for lettering on leather jackets, which is pretty unique,” says Wong, who initially taught herself calligraphy in order to create the painted garment to wear for her own city hall wedding in 2016. Now the Toronto calligrapher rents out her jacket every weekend, teaches workshops, and does calligraphy for events. Wong even got a recent regram from Mindy Kaling after writing part of the star’s Dartmouth commencement speech in calligraphy.

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Schin Loong @openinkstand

Artist Schin Loong has been creating lettering and illustrations for the past ten years, crafting unique calligraphy portraits of people like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. Through her work as a calligrapher in Las Vegas, Loong sometimes receives requests that can be trying on the soul. “I was asked to write the name for a stillborn baby in calligraphy to be placed in its casket,” says Loong. “It was very difficult. I wrote it very carefully and made a copy for the family, gratis.”

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Laura Hooper @lhcalligraphy

Hooper has run her business for over 15 years, creating a calligraphy starter kit and video tutorial for people to do at home. Beyond wedding events, Hooper has added her designs to things like champagne bottles, Christmas tree ornaments, and cutting boards. Once, the Alexandria, Virginia resident accidently added calligraphy to lobster claws that still had the meat inside.

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Courtney Herman @poppjackshop

Herman operates her boutique calligraphy studio, POPPYjack Shop, in Southern California, where she offers custom calligraphy for events and businesses. Herman loves to put her creations on unique items. “The craziest thing I've been asked to write on would probably be pirate hats!” says Herman, who has also worked on things like coconuts, seashells, driftwood, glass, mirrors, and luxury handbags.

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Samantha Zabell @samzawrites

NYC-based Zabell is known for adding a colorful brush technique to her calligraphy, which shows a mix of things like inspirational pop culture quotes from books like Harry Potter, to political quotes from Barack Obama, to cheeky coffee phrases. “I wrote a love poem out in Spanish for the ‘paper’ anniversary,” says Zabell. “I also did a fun STEMinist poster for the UN Women’s Girl Up campaign!”


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