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Your Summer Fashion Horoscope

Your Summer Fashion Horoscope

by Nicole Phillips

There are some things are just essential for summer. An extra layer of sunscreen on your shoulders, a lighter moisturizer for your face, a collection of stylish sun-hats, a perfectly curated playlist for dinner parties on your deck and a closet full of ready-to-go dresses and swimsuits that make you feel like the summer goddess you are.

Let the stars be your summer style guide this season and let’s turn up the heat on some of our favorite styles.


You’re the life of any party and the summer months have your already energetic nature ready to get out and live life. Any friend of an Aries knows that during the warm months of summer, you can be found socializing with everyone you meet and planning your next adventure. You’re not shy of taking risks so when it comes to fashion, you love pieces that are bold. Look for bright colors and conversation starting silhouettes.


Even though you’re down to earth, you love luxury so it’s no surprise that your summers are full of opulent weekends away at beautiful resorts with familiar comforts of home. When it comes to summer fashion, you look for pieces that are dependable luxe — and you’re not afraid to indulge a little on yourself. Look for pieces with flowy fabrics that feel elevated.


You were born for summer and because you have such a social and friendly nature, it’s likely that your weekends are already booked through September. You’re very versatile so when impromptu plans arise, you’re more than ready. Your summer wardrobe should reflect that and be able to do double duty just like you. Look for swimsuits that can be paired with a skirt and dresses that work from day to night.


Your creative nature makes your summer full of fun. While you’re up for almost anything, you also gravitate towards familiar places where you are surrounded by your loved ones and closest friends. A true water sign, you tend to love vacations and summer plans that are mellow and let you unwind by a body of water. Go for swimsuits that are chic but ready for adventure and pieces that move effortlessly.


You’re full of passion and summer energy, being born in high summer after all — and you’re ready to indulge in everything the summer can bring. Since you’re a natural born leader, it’s likely that you’re the one throwing big soirees and playing the role of hostess with your diverse group of mover and shaker friends and associates. Because you love to have all eyes on you, look for pieces that make a statement with spirited prints and eye-catching colors.


It’s summer, which means that you can finally take a much needed respite from your busy schedule and unwind with your friends and family. But who are we kidding? You busy Virgos have your days planned down to the minute, even when on vacation. You love to curate beautiful summer events that highlight your attention to detail and your practical nature means that when it comes to your signature summer style, it’s also reflective of your inherent need for perfection. Look for LBS (little black swimsuits) that are versatile and can be worn for every event. Look for dresses with chic and classic silhouettes and prints.


Your charm and tactful nature means that your summers are spent lounging and creating special memories with those you love most. You live for longer days that are spent soaking up the sun and you’re not opposed to indulging a bit in some much needed self-care. Balanced, calm and a fan of beauty, your wardrobe reflects that too. Shop for pieces that appeal to your ladies-who-lounge vibe but also feel elevated for your spur-of-moment romantic weekends away.


You’re focused and ambitious so when it’s time to revel in the slow-down of summer, your mind is likely still fixated on the daily grind. With a social calendar full of networking events it’s important that you find much needed time to recharge and clear your head. Your intuitive and balanced nature means that you love to escape to relaxing destinations near the water but close to town so you can explore and play tourist. Look for pieces that are bold like you are and that showcase your sensual side.


You love to wander and get lost in the summer months and spend time with your various circles of friends and family. You may be on a plane one weekend to a place that you’ve never been to before and then hiding away in a family cabin with a beloved book the next. Because you’re light-hearted and endearing, people gravitate towards you so you tend to collect an assortment of interesting people in your life. Your summer style should be aligned with that quality. Seek unique pieces that feel one-of-a-kind and special.


Oh Capricorn — it’s time for a well deserved summer vacation. Between managing calendars and balancing your family and career, it’s time for you to let loose and enjoy the rewards of your hard-work. Your practicality and disciplined nature means your summers are spent on organized family getaways and at thoughtful get-togethers that you love hosting for the ones who are closest to you (would you have it any other way?). Because you have a very strong sense of self, your personal aesthetic does not change much with the change of season. You love pieces that work for you and silhouettes that feel familiar.


Between trying to save the world and being a friend to everyone you meet, your summers are spent living life to the fullest. Your creative and independent so solo vacations away to unique destinations are always welcomed. You love spontaneity so it’s no surprise if your friends and family receive postcards from quirky towns or see tagged pics of you on social media with eclectic individuals. Life is all about living and you enjoy every moment of it. When it comes to your summer style, seek pieces that feel lively and fun — just like your playful nature.


With your selfless nature, it’s common that by the time summer rolls around, all you really need is to relax and recharge. Because you are sensitive and compassionate, you want to make sure that you are making your rounds to visit family and friends and sometimes that means that you forget to take care of yourself. Do yourself a favor and carve away a couple of weekends dedicated solely to you and if it’s near a beach, even better. Look for summer dresses that are soft, flowy and versatile and swimsuits that are water ready.


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