Vacation Dreaming: What to Wear for Summer Escapes

Vacation Dreaming: What to Wear for Summer Escapes

by Melissa Magsaysay

Summer is calling, but activities look a whole lot different this year. Here is what to wear for a different kind of getaway that’s still chic, still warm weather appropriate and above all will help transport you to a different place even if it’s not quite as far flung as you’d planned.


Campfire Tales

Camping is quickly becoming a sought after activity this summer, even for those who’ve never considered themselves the outdoorsy type. Let your camping trip be more glamping than rugged this year by layering on some wardrobe essentials that are as chic as they are practical.

RV Roaming

The journey truly is the destination when roaming backroads in an RV. Consider this to be like camping, but with a private restroom and perhaps a wardrobe that’s comfortable enough for driving long distances but still cute enough to create your picturesque vacation.

Backyard Beauty

Blow up pool, basic sprinklers or a whole resort-like set up, your backyard, rooftop or balcony is bound to be your sanctuary this summer. Make the most of it in these colorful, summer staples.

House Swapping

For a real change of scenery, you may be renting a house or swapping homes with a friend. Make it feel like you boarded a (private) plane to get there and soak up the different surroundings in these glamorous looks.


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